TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

Spring break destinations for grown-ups

Spring vacations aren’t just for kids, and there are plenty of places to go to avoid the college crowds. Kate Maxwell of shares her favorite spring destinations, including Nantucket and Park City, Utah.

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>>> this morning on "today's travel," spring break for grown-ups. from the shores of nantucket to park city , there are lots of affordable destinations without the college crowds. kate maxwell is editor-in-chief of good to see you. good morning.

>> good to see you.

>> a lot of adults want to get away this time of year but don't want to run into the massive crowds of the college students and the beer and all that.

>> right. exactly. and also, it's actually a really good time to travel if you want to ski, it's the end of the ski season . prices are dropping. it's low season in places like nantuck nantucket , the hamptons, and possible to find an affordable beach escape, as well.

>> let's start with beach lovers and people who like to work on their tan before summer. mexico, why?

>> going to cancun, two hours south. we won't find the college crowds. you won't find the poem parties, not your -- the foam parties, not your thing. and we love it because it's rustic and charming and unspoiled.

>> it's a beautiful stretch of beach. i've been. there a lot of people hear about mexico and worry about safety. what's the truth?

>> the riviera is really safe. it is. and the playa is the place we like, a pop-up hotel, it was to be temporary. it was so successful, it's still there. it has rooms for $109 a night. and if you book before april 2 , they knock off 15%. it's rustic, a gorgeous stretch of beach.

>> answering for the skiing enthusiasts. you like park city , utah. how long will the ski season sfla last?

>> it ends april 15 . and the season started slow, but there's an enormous amount of snow recently. a colleague of mine had the best four days of skiing ever. 40 inches in four days. what we like about park city , it's a half-hour from salt lake city airport . so you can really be -- leave the slopes and be at the airport an hour and a half later.

>> and park city , deer valley , the canyons, snowbird, all those -- where do you like people staying?

>> silverado lodge, one of the resorts on the canyons, $132 a night. if you book seven nights and seven days of ski pass, you pay for just five.

>> let's move to nantucket . off the coast of massachusetts. huge summer destination. what's it like in spring?

>> yeah. very exclusive in the summer, also very expensive. really peaceful in the spring. the property there is chapman house , it's in the town. it's a good idea if you're traveling low season to stay in the town because then you're near it and restaurant are open.

>> are the restaurants and shops open this time of year?

>> they won't all be open but a lot will be. the prices are half what you will pay in the summer.

>> affordable, and it is a stunning island. it is. let's move on. where do you want us -- you want us to go to portland , oregon?

>> i love portland . i went for the first time in january and fell in love with the city. if you know it, you know what to expect.

>> what's the temperature this time of year?

>> 50s, 60s, sunny. fantastic coffee, local, seasonal food , great music, vintage shopping. friendly people .

>> you like a place called the nines.

>> a kind of luxury property. it's $189 a night. they throw in free breakfast and doughnuts. iconic doughnut store in portland . really fun place to stay.

>> our last destination, 30 seconds left, savannah, georgia.

>> great. all times of year. steamy in the summer, a great time of year to go now. and last year opened, $199 a night. free breakfast and the contents in the mini bar apart from the alcohol.

>> and not only should your