TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

7 products to solve your worst beauty problems

Linda Wells, of Allure magazine, shares the best products to help ease your biggest beauty challenges, from wrinkles and sweat to cellulite and dandruff.

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>>> back at 8:39 with "today's beauty." this morning, the ugly side of things like wrinkles, flaking, is there a pretty side? and affordable solutions, too. linda wells is editor-in-chief of "allure" magazine. good morning to you. we've got some of these really good products. they're not that expensive.

>> that's the good news.

>> what's your strategy? make sure you know what the right ingredient is?

>> you have to do the research, know what the right ingredient is. you can waste money. you can waste time. and then once you've got the right ingredient, use it properly.

>> so it's not the case that just because things are more expensive they work better?

>> no. this are lots of nice things about more expensive things. maybe they smell better. i don't want to say anything bad about anything. but you can get great things at the dug store.

>> let's start with the dreaded wrinkles. retinol --

>> retinol's amazing because it does almost everything you want it to do. doctors have tested everything and believe this is the ingredient that takes care of wrinkles, makes collagen build up which makes the wrinkles look less deep. then it also deals with dullness, with acne, even acne and dark spots. you get it all in one. the skin-ceuticals retinol is great because it's a high concentration, but it's time release so you don't get the irritation which is common with retinol.

>> flake iness. this is nonprescription.

>> right. you can get it on line. $54.

>> here's the thorniest problem of all for the ladies -- cellulite.

>> cellulite, which i hate to tell you, there is no cure. there are surgical things you can do, but really that would seem ridiculous to deal with, have surgery for your cellulite. there are creams, they really don't work. they work so temporarily, you pretty much put them on, go to the beach, by the time you're there, the cellulite's back again.

>> you have a different idea.

>> hide is it the key. hiding it with self-tanner is great. it's easy, and the new gradual self-tanners are so easy to put on. this is by jergens, it's like moisturizer. doesn't get too orange or streaky. you put it on and you're done. $5.

>> love it.

>> let's talk sweat. why do you like this deodorant?

>> we all need to sweat to cool off. this is a clinical strength. it has the highest concentration of the active ingredient that you can get without a prescription. you put it on at night, not in the morning. we put it on after we take a shower, but it doesn't stick to your skin. this is sclet clin -- secret clinical. it hides the on, radar.

>> and dandruff. and you have a tried and true?

>> head and shoulders. good old head and shoulders. dandruff is caused by dermatitis which is flaking, redness, irritation, even a yeast, i'm sorry to tell you that. but this yeast grows on the scalp. if you get it under control by washing frequently with a dandruff shampoo that contains zinc, you're in good shape. these are $5 each. this is good old head and shoulders. smells better than it used to and deals with those things.

>> this used to be only in the french drug stores . this is for acne?

>> right. it's micronized and has the benzoil peroxide that gets under the skin and isn't chalky.

>> what do we have here?

>> neutrogena acne wash for body acne. you can get it when you exercise a lot, the bacteria forms. it sweeps away that bacteria. it really smells good like pink grapefruit .

>> good. yeah.

>> now to our favorite topic -- fungus. which can happen if you go to the nail salons.

>> it can happen to really clean people. and it's toe fungus, a fingernail fungus. what the key is, you get it from the tools and from the pedicure dath.

>> even if they sterilize them? make a show of it, putting in the blue water ?

>> don't think -- put it in the au autoclave for the full amount of time. bring your own tools. one set of all of these costs $27. by sally hanson.

>> not getting a fungus, priceless.