TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

Multiple parties claim reward in Calif. killing spree

Law enforcement officials in Southern California are trying to determine who, if anyone, should receive a reward in the case of former police officer Christopher Dorner’s killing spree. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> there's a fight underway in california this morning over who should receive a million-dollar reward in the christopher dorner case. he's the former los angeles police officer who went on a killing spree last month before he died in a standoff with police. nbc's miguel almaguer is in big bear , california , with details. miguel, good morning.

>> reporter: savannah, good morning. after eluding police for nearly a week, it's here in big bear where christopher dorner was holed up, spotted, and eventually lost his life. police offered that historic reward for information leading to his "capture and conviction." now as two parties claim the money, it's unclear if anyone will actually get it. during the six-day manhunt for murder suspect and fugitive christopher dorner, police announced the record reward.

>> we raised over the million dollars.

>> reporter: accused of killing four, the trail for dorner had gone cold until karen and jim reynolds surprised the ex- lapd cop who had been holed up inside one of their rental cabins.

>> he said, "put your hands on your head. turn around and face the wall."

>> reporter: dorner left the reynolds bound and gagged before stealing their car. when they were finally able to dial 911, police quickly closed in on the fugitive.

>> we're the ones that made the call to police that gave the 911 call that told them where he was, which direction he was heading.

>> reporter: the reynolds aren't the only one looking for a pay yacht.

>> he pointed a gun at me. assault-type rifle.

>> reporter: restrict helte heltebrecht was cornered after the reynolds called 911. he called the sheriff's deputy to report the incident and he, too, has filed a claim for the reward. our calls to him were not returned. the lapd now says some 25 agencies must agree on who if anyone should get the reward. and that process could take weeks.

>> chief beck has been very clear and very vocal that he believes that a reward should be paid in this case.

>> reporter: the city of riverside has already with drawn its $100,000 contribution saying the conditions of the reward to "capture and conviction of dorner," were never met. now it may be the first of several agencies pulling out their cash. though not in charge of distributing the money, the lapd has been very clear that they believe someone should get the cash despite the language of capture and conviction. they're concerned if a payout is not made there will be less tips made when rewards are offered. savannah?

>> reporting from big bear , california , thank you.