TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

New clue revealed in New Mexico treasure hunt

As hundreds travel to New Mexico in search of the fortune that millionaire Forrest Fenn has hidden, Fenn reveals the newest clue to help the treasure hunters.

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>>> we're back now with at 7:43 with new details on the hunt for a multimillion dollar treasure hidden by a millionaire somewhere in the mountains north of santa fe , new mexico. this is attracting thousands of fortune-seekers. and we're going to give you the newest clue in a moment. first, nbc's janet shamlian is in santa fe . good morning to you.

>> reporter: hi, matt. yeah, that clue is exclusive to "today." we'll have it in a moment. you mention, of all the people searching for the treasure , wrecking crews went out in search of one of those adventurers when she didn't return. this morning we're hearing her story for the very first time. shannon thompson went out all by herself looking for the multimillion-dollar treasure hidden by new mexico millionaire forest fenn.

>> i had the courage find the treasure . i looked and knew even if i didn't find the treasure , something was pulling me here.

>> reporter: it was a ten-hour drive from her home in dallas to the monument. weather here, she said, was perfect.

>> beautiful, just like this.

>> reporter: it wouldn't stay that way. shannon took us back to where it became rocky and thick with brush, and where a storm moved in without warning.

>> started sleeting. it didn't even rain. it was sleet.

>> reporter: by nightfall, her cell phone had died. she missed a check-in call with her boyfriend who called authorities. where did you spend the night?

>> it was a little hole literally with a rom over -- a rock over the top . ive kne -- i knelt down in a ball.

>> reporter: she started trekking back in the morning. when she was met by a rescue team, cindy and her dog oliver. it's not just shannon . the treasure has inspired hundreds to start a search out here. it's been a boom for tourism.

>> millions of gold and jewels --

>> reporter: since the story aired last month on "today," it's been all the buzz in santa fe . the visitors bureau inundated with travel inquiries and hotel bookings.

>> our phones are ringing off the hook. we've had about 2,000 more visitors to our web site .

>> reporter: as for shannon , she may not have found the chest filled with gold but said she came away with something of even greater value.

>> it's about what you take on personally to challenge yourself. you'll get your own treasure .

>> reporter: did you get your sflesh.

>> -- your own treasure .

>> did you get your own?

>> absolutely. absolutely.

>> reporter: the riches remain elusive in the land of enchantness. how did we talk you into giving us another clue?

>> i don't have a clue.

>> can you give it to us now?

>> no need digging in the old how tohouses, the treasure 's not -- outhouses, the treasure 's not associated with any structure.

>> reporter: that's a good clue.

>> thank you.

>> all right. we'll have much more on our web site , as well. that is now i believe the 11th clue.

>> right.

>> he's promising even more.

>> he released nine originally. one for us last month. another one now. and he says one for each of the next eight months or so.

>> okay. can you imagine the relief for all the people who were going to dig outhouses today?

>> exactly.

>> don't worry. you don't have to. not associated with any structure.

>> it's been happening.

>> thank you. janet, thank you very much. we'll keep posted