TODAY   |  March 27, 2013

Neighbor accuses Justin Bieber of battery

According to Los Angeles authorities, the pop star’s neighbor is reporting Justin Bieber made physical contact and threatened him during an altercation Tuesday morning. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> pop star justin bieber is in the news this morning for all the wrong reasons. accused of battery by his california neighbor. nbc's kristen dahlgren is in los angeles with the overnight developments. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. yeah. just when you think things can't get any tougher for justin bieber , the singer is now being questioned in relation to an incident under investigation by the l.a. county sheriff's department. according to the sheriff's department, justin bieber 's neighbor tells them the singer made physical contact and threatened him during an altercation tuesday morning.

>> battery means unwanted touching. it could be patting on the back. it could be throwing water on somebody. could be spitting. it could be any of those things. we don't know.

>> reporter: so far there are no arrests, no charges, and officials say no injuries. the accusation is just the latest in a string of bad days for bieber . earlier this month the singer struggled with his breathing and collapsed backstage during a concert in london. he was taken to the hospital, then accused of clashing with the paparazzi. days earlier, he was booed when he showed up late to a show. he apologized to fans. in february, pictures of bieber appearing to smoke pot surfaced on line. the singer poked fun at the incident on "saturday night live."

>> he got busted for smoking weed, and he's really sorry about it. and people make mistakes and he's never going to do it again. [ cheers ]

>> reporter: then this week the singer unexpectedly canceled a concert tuesday in germany to return to l.a. but not before these pictures were snapped of him leaving poland in freezing temperatures shirtless. leaving many hollywood insiders to wonder if bieber 's behavior is a classic hollywood meltdown or simply growing pains for a teenage boy.

>> it is a very difficult thing for anyone too be -- for anyone to be in the public eye like he is, but to be as young as he is and to have gone through it so intensely, you'd help expect episodes where he's going to crack a little bit.

>> reporter: overnight, nbc news learned from sources close to bieber saying that the neighbor was on bieber 's property. there was no physical altercation, and the security guards dealt with the neighbor.

>> kristen, thank you very much.