TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Supermodel: ‘I never wore dresses’ growing up

Karolina Kurkova is a supermodel who also serves as a judge on Oxygen’s “The Face.” She talks with Kathie Lee and Hoda about growing up in the Czech Republic and her relationship with Naomi Campbell on her show.

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>>> it's the dream of countless little girls and some old ones, too. to one day become the most famous cover girl in the country and maybe the world.

>> "the face" is a place for those little girls to come once they've all grown up. with the coaching of supermodels including karolina kurkova , the ladies compete to become the face of the ulta beauty campaign.

>> thank you. i wanted to dress nice for you girls . but i like that we're kind of coordinated. little green , little blue .

>> tell us about -- this show, there are a lot of these types of shows out there. but this one stands out a bit more.

>> what is great about the show, it's a real mentoring show. it's like "the voice" for fashion. you get a lot of individual attention for these girls . they get one-on-one time with their coaches. we have four girls that we work with. and we do everything from not just how to pose in front of a picture or how to walk but how to also be creative, how to style, have a sense of style, how to do your hair and makeup --

>> it's not just about the runway.

>> no.

>> this is about literally the face being in photography mostly or the whole deal?

>> everything. to be a successful model these days, we call it, you have to be 360. you have to be able to speak, you have to be a spokesperson for a brand. you have to understand clothes. you have to have a style. you have to have a voice --

>> personality.

>> personality. a lot of things.

>> does a look have to be unique? sometimes there are models you look at and go, wow, i wouldn't have picked that person. but the more you look at them, you feel differently.

>> everyone is beautiful. there are girls who are more perfect -- i didn't think i was beautiful when i got into the industry at age 15. i didn't think i was beautiful. i had these super long legs, long arms, big teeth. i would never show my legs. i never wore dresses until i started to model.

>> you poor, poor thing.

>> no. but i come from a really small town .

>> where?

>> in the czech republic .

>> okay.

>> small town .

>> they teased you for being gangly and --

>> look at her legs, how long they are --

>> what are they saying now?

>> now, tight pants, short skirts.

>> by the way, we wanted to show off a little bit to you that we walked --

>> you're not the only model.

>> i know. i'm sure you guys --

>> we did it on "snl." take a look at this clip.

>> you need to work it. you need to tweak it.

>> tweak it. hoda cut one, everyone!

>> shake your butt.

>> is that bradley cooper ?

>> yes. hoda's down. got a ho down.

>> we only want to now, how the heck is it to work with naomi campbell ? how are you two getting along? tell us the truth.

>> telling the truth, it's like anyone -- this is the first time all three of us are working together at the same time. you're getting to know each other. you learn about your buttons and your personality. we're working 18 hours a day. there was a lot of pressure. we want these girls to win. we really care about these girls . we want them to be successful. we don't want them to leave the show. you get attached to them.

>> but a little tension is good for television viewers, a little tension --

>> there's tension there. not going to lie.

>> you're adorable.

>> thank you.

>> great success on the show.

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