TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Paul Jolley talks ‘American Idol’ elimination

The latest competitor to be voted off this season of “American Idol” talks about his experiences on the show, saying “I did everything to the best of my ability” and insisting he still loves judge Nicki Minaj despite her harsh criticism.

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>>> so thewhen the nine remaining " american idol " students tackled beatles tunes, paul jolley's " eleanor rigby " sent him home. sorry about the loss.

>> don't apologize.

>> were your shocked they weren't really familiar with the beatles ?

>> of course i was shocked. i felt like everybody should do their research. they do beatles every year. i love them.

>> what was going on with nicki minaj? she seemed really harsh.

>> i don't know. but i still love her.

>> was she true that she snubbed you backstage?

>> no, i didn't even see her.

>> so no problem there?

>> no problems.

>> so you come into the competition a passionate country singer . but you really showed a real pension for pop.

>> yeah. that brings in the country pop side of things, i guess you'd say.

>> so what is it about this contest that was -- and this particular part with the beatles that made it difficult for you, do you think?

>> i don't think anything was difficult, to be honest. i felt like i've done everything to the best of my ability and i felt like i brought it. the judges might not think, so but i feel like i did and i feel like a lot of the fans did as well, but they didn't know where my ranking was, so they could have put more if they knew where i stood.

>> you had a great run and it's only great things coming up for you ahead. paul jolley.

>> thank you, appreciate it.