TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Common health mistakes: How bad are they?

We’re all guilty of it – those bad health habits and mistakes that become part of our daily routine. Dr. Roshini Raj of Women’s Health magazine reviews just how bad some common health mistakes are, including popping pain relievers and loading coffee with sugar.

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>> of it. those bad health habits that sneak into our daily routine, from taking too many pain relievers to loading up on sugar in our coffee. how dangerous are these habits really? contributing medical editor for "health" magazine is here with reality check for all of us. good to see you.

>> good to see you, tamron.

>> there's a lot on the list. the first one is something that a lot of us are talking about these days. texting while walking.

>> this is an absolute no-no. it's very dangerous. studies have shown that people who text are four times less likely to look both ways before crossing. it can increase your risk of being hit by a car. this is something you really have to get out of your system.

>> we talk about texting while driving. the obvious dangers surrounding that. the texting while walking is easy to dismiss for a lot of people.

>> but when you're walking, you use all of your sense. if you hear a car coming closely, you'll have some reaction time . if you're texting, it's going to be blunted and could make the difference between life or death.

>> moving on to a ritual for a lot of people. weighing yourself daily. why is that bad? not that i do it. but i want to know why it's dad.

>> this one is actually not so bad. it used to be that some weight loss experts would be against weighing yourself daily. now we find as long as you're doing it in a reasonable frame of mind , it could be a good way to stay on track.

>> i've also read it's more about how your clothes fit as well.

>> that's another way to gauge it. but when you weigh yourself daily, you can notice a few pounds up or down. you might actually eat a little bit less that day or exercise more. if you don't weigh yourself at all, a month could go by, you've gained ten pounds, like where did this come from.

>> next up, scarfing down the lunch at our desks. a lot of people don't have the option to have a sit-down lunch.

>> not only sitting at their desk, but also on the phone, doing work while they're eating. this is a bad idea. when your eating, your brain sends certain signals the your body. if you're distracted and doing work or at your desk, you might not appreciate those signals. you're going to just keep eating. it can increase the amount you're eating.

>> loading up on our coffee with extras. i love lots of sugar and milk.

>> this is the kind of thing where you get the extra calories. once you put the two sugars in, some non-dairy creamer, you're adding 50 calories, over a year that's going to add up, especially if you have a couple cups a day. keep the coffee black or just a little bit of additive.

>> the next one surprising a lot of people. sitting your bare behind on a public toilet seat. that can never be good, right?

>> it's actually not so bad.

>> what? hold on.

>> i know, psychologically it seems horrible. the truth is in a public bathroom, the toilet is probably one of the cleanest surfaces compared to the door handle or even the faucet handle on the sink. unless you have an open wound or a scratch on your thigh, it's probably safe to sit down there. you're not going to catch any sort of sexually transmitted disease by sitting on a public toilet . but if you're very schemie i squeamish about it, you can get the paper or plastic lining.

>> taking it all in. thank you very much. love that interesting list there, to say the least.

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