TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Dad in the kitchen: Cooking for kids and parents

Restaurant owner and dad Shea Gallante demonstrates how to whip up rigatoni with mascarpone, sausage, pancetta, and speck, a dish dads can cook to please their kids and keep adults happy with just a few extra ingredients

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>>> this morning on "today's kitchen," helping dads spice it up. we're going to start out with a dish that's for the kids and then we make it more manly. shea is the owner of italian kitchen in new york. also happens to be the dad of three. good to see you.

>> like wise.

>> kids love pasta. you can never go wrong with pasta and cheese.

>> absolutely. we're going to do rigatoni. started with a little bit of stock in here. some garlic. add a little bit of butter.

>> all of it?

>> you put it all in there.

>> this is the basic thing for the kid. this is how you start it out.

>> butter and cheese.

>> it's like ladies night out, all the kids are at your house and you need a little bit of release. so here we go. put some of the pasta in there.

>> so pull that out.

>> so you've already cooked it.

>> yeah, it's just al dente .

>> i think i overcooked it. how much is going in here.

>> put it all in there.

>> hungry kids .

>> just going to stir this up. add the cheese.

>> that's just regular parmesan there?

>> yeah, it's grated parmesan cheese .

>> that took a minute and now kids are happy. a little red wine and then the kids are good to go.

>> wow.

>> there's a ninth jackson.

>> dora the explorer a lot of fun at your house.

>> they'll sit in front of the tv and enjoy.

>> now add some meat.

>> so we have some panchetta.

>> now we've got to man it up.

>> we have to add some vegetables.

>> do we have to?

>> you don't have to.

>> we're on tv, though.

>> so now we're going to add the pasta.

>> okay.

>> now we're talking.

>> the kids awill eat this, too, though. although, any sign of anything green, you have to pull that out.

>> yeah, that's trouble. we'll put some chives on it. a little bit of chili flake.

>> you got a little speck there.

>> yeah, we're going to put that on top because we don't want it to get rubbery.

>> this is beautiful.

>> i wouldn't be opposed to a little whiskey drizzle. i'm just going to throw it out there. seems to be my theme on the "today" show for you this week.

>> you should be waiting with kathie lee and hoda.

>> i'm the warm-up act.

>> seasoned bread crumbs . parmesan, parsley, bread crumbs .

>> pork three ways.

>> i held off on the chives because the kids don't like anything green.

>> and we're big kids at heart. start dishing that up. we like that. thanks so much. we're going to be back in a moment. but