TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Strangers help soldier surprise wife with roses

Chief warrant officer Scott Hinson wanted to do something special for his wife to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary, so on his flight home from Afghanistan, he gave 19 roses to random passengers to give to his wife before he showed up with the final one. Scott and his wife, Kristi, talk about their emotional reunion

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>> now to a touching surprise for the wife of a soldier who was returning from afghanistan. scott henson was away for his 20th wedding anniversary , so on his flight back home, he gave 19 roses to his fellow passengers to hand to his wife as they got off the plane. scott soon followed with the 20th rose, and then the tears started coming. he's with us now along with his wife christie . good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> good morning.

>> scott , we are so impressed. how did you come up with this idea?

>> just was in afghanistan about six weeks ago and i started thinking about wanting to do something different for our anniversary. and i knew i wanted to give some roses. and so i just thought of how can i do something different? and so that's when i started working with my daughters about working on a plan about how to do this. and using the passengers. there were some issues trying to figure out how exactly to do it.

>> i want to get to that in a second. but christie , what did you think when passengers started coming down the escalator handing you roses? or does that just happen to you all the time anyway?

>> oh, no. never happened before . this was just a typical coming home from the mid tour, nothing major. i saw two passengers come down with a single rose each. i was like what in the world? so i just dismissed it and turned around and looked back up up the escalator, and before i knew it, they were behind me saying happy anniversary . that's when i realized those roses were for me.

>> it's the perfect plan. the uso in atlanta really helped you out here getting the flowers. you coordinated the passengers. and then did some of them kind of stop and get a coffee? was there a little bit of problem in execution?

>> right. like i said, it was a matter of lining everybody up to be in the right place. and so when we got the passengers involved, the flight attendant at the very beginning started handing them out. but the problem was i was at the midsection of the plane and some of the people were at the front. so people kind of meandered through the airport, stopped, get coffee, and kind of take a break. so we were walking through and noticed that some of these passengers were stopping. some of the other ones picked it up and saw them and said let me take this rose on. so they were very helpful.

>> so the bar is set high for anniversary 21. scott and christie hinson, thank you so much. happy anniversary to you and thank you for your service as well.