TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Drop 10 pounds with delicious superfood dishes

Lucy Danziger of Self magazine talks about her new book, “The Drop Ten Diet Cookbook,” which can help you lose 10 or more pounds in just five weeks, and cooks up one of her recipes from the book: prosciutto-wrapped chicken.

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>>> this morning on "take it off today", how to take off ten noun pounds in five weeks. the "drop 10" cook book picks up where your book left off. the concept of super foods , what is so super about them?

>> as you eat, they tap into the natural fat-burning abilities of your bodies. we don't tell you not to eat. we tell you to eat more to lose more. what's cool about this cook book is you wouldn't know it's diet food .

>> give me an example.

>> it's just delicious food. you have things like protein. we're going to make some chicken. a little bit of chutney. apples have fiber. and the berry has protein. and the spices you basically dump, simmer for 20 minutes , and when it's ready, you put it on the chicken.

>> where do you get goji berries ? am i crazy? i've never heard of them.

>> whoanywhere. whole foods, you can get them in bulk. once you eat it, you have literally 60 grams of protein. and protein helps build muscle, which makes you burn calories sitting in your office chair . so if you eat this food, you're literally going to burn calories just by eating.

>> did you mention the kale? because that's on your list of super foods .

>> that has a lot of fiber, but also vitamin c , which blocks fat absorption.

>> the whole concept is that not all calories are created equal.

>> right. the more you eat these good foods, the more you'll lose weight . the women who lost weight on this plan say they made this for their boyfriend. he had no idea it was a diet cook book . it was a delicious cook book .

>> all right. a sneaky diet food .

>> and then, we love to snack. here we're making some hummus. we want to add a little parmesan. lentils, which has protein. parmesan is the king of calcium. if you eat 1,200 milligrams a day, you will burn four pounds of fat without going to the gym. a little lemon. basically you put in all these spice and you blend it. this is a skinnier hummus that allows you to snack without gaining weight. you pulse this. over here we have it made. when you have it with something like celery, which has potassium, actually helps you shed fat.

>> i was going to say i see that you're not serving it with chips.

>> no.

>> as some of us might do.

>> however, in this diet cook book , we had hundreds of desserts, hundreds of treats. these are double peanut butter cookies . so these have three grams of protein, and they are full of super foods , and so you can eat cookies, chocolate, wine, steak, a lot of great foods.

>> and there are those berries again that you put in there.

>> yeah, they're the new craisins.

>> we have chocolate, we have pie, we have sherbet, everything in this cook book .

>> so you eat foods like avocado, which is high fat, you consider a super food .

>> because that kind of fat helps you shed fat when you eat it.

>> all right.

>> it's confusing, but honestly, the 30 super foods help your body burn more fat just sitting in your chair.

>> sounds good. lucy, sitting in my chair sounds perfect.