TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Help name a rare baby giraffe born in captivity

Marcella Leone of the Leo Zoological Conservation Center in Greenwich, Conn., talks about one of their newest residents, an adorable baby giraffe, one of only about 670 Rothschild giraffes left in the world.

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>>> it does not get any cuter than that. a baby giraffe, there she is live, ready for her close-up. she was born in greenwich, connecticut, recently.

>> we showed you the video on monday. this morning, she is with us live along with the center's founder and director. good morning to you. nice to see you.

>> good morning, guys. welcome.

>> how big a deal is this? i know this is part of an endangered species . so how big is the fact that you actually had her in this center?

>> well, this is actually huge for our new conservation center. and no doubt this is a really important baby and birth. but the real purpose for this little animal is that all the attention that we're bringing to us today, we have to save their wild places. do you know that an animal or plant species goes extinct every 20 minutes on our planet. so thanks for the attention to this.

>> well, how can we tear our eyes away? she's such a little cutie. i know she doesn't have a name yet. we'll get to that in a moment. but first of all, what has she been doing? how old is she exactly and what do they do at this age?

>> she was born on friday morning, and she's just having a little rest by momma now. she's nursing and getting to meet the rest of the herd. she'll be out in our indoor paddock in about a week.

>> her mom is petal. she's 6 years old. how is mom hanging in there?

>> mom is such a good mom. we actually have the birth on our website so you can see. within 20 minutes , this baby was standing and nursing.

>> so what's the challenge to raising a baby giraffe at this age and bringing her up?

>> well, this is a very strong baby. our vets were amazed at her first check-up. she almost looked like a 2-week-old baby. but any new birth is so fragile, so our zoo keepers are monitoring her fragiles closely and she's doing great.

>> let's talk about the name. obviously you'd like the public's help in finding a name. any early suggestions? i vote for cujo. i don't know why.

>> i coordinated my outfit for her today. i'm wearing my giraffe dress.

>> oh, perfect. we love that. we love that. we've got to save those wild places for these giraffes. so i love hearing that.

>> so people can actually submit name suggestions. you can do it through our website, too.


>> and the zoo keepers are going to choose some finalists, is that how it goes?

>> yeah. is our website, and there's a place where people can submit names. on friday, we're actually going to start sifting through them, and by next week we'll have a name for her.

>> it is connecticut. how about muffy?

>> you've been to greenwich, haven't you?

>> i have. once or twice.

>> i think zz. she's got legs like zz top .

>> that's pretty good. you had to take me through that. well, thank you very much and good luck with her,