TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Lawyer: Amanda Knox ‘not required’ in Italian court

Theodore Simon, one of Amanda Knox’s attorneys, discusses the Italian supreme court’s stunning decision to overturn her acquittal saying “we fully expect she will be exonerated.”

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>> theodore simon is one of amanda knox 's attorneys. good to have you with us.

>> good morning.

>> first question. have you talked to your client? have you talked to her family? what is their reaction?

>> yes. i've talked to much of her family all morning, and i spoke to amanda many times yesterday. i didn't have the opportunity to speak to her this morning, though.

>> and their reaction? i mean, are they blind sided by this?

>> well, certainly everyone was hopeful that the appellate court jury's verdict would be affirmed. it was sound, it was thoroughly researched. it was well-documented. and after a searching inquiry, they concluded that the prosecution's evidence, whether it was witness testimony, physical evidence , or forensic conclusions, was completely unjustified. it was either absent, nonexistent, or unreliable. so there was good reason to believe that the supreme court would affirm it. but let me say this. merely because they have sent it back for revision does not mean that anything else will happen other than she will be recognized as not guilty and the same thing will happen again.

>> so as far as you're concerned, there isn't necessarily another trial in her future, an appeals trial?

>> well, we're going to have to wait for the directors of the supreme court . but from what i understand, they have sent it back for revision and reconsideration. they will review it. they may simply affirm that there was a not guilty before and it should remain the same. they may seek to take some further evidence. but nothing has really changed. there was no evidence before. and there is no evidence now. and i think that is the most important fact. amanda has said these are unfounded, these are unfair, and her family is completely supportive of her. both amanda and her family have demonstrated an unparalleled degree of persistence, resilience, strength, courage, and fortitude, and they will continue to fight these unjustified allegations.

>> and before i let you go, very quickly, assuming there were another trial, is it safe to assume she has no plans to return to italy since she cannot be compelled to do so?

>> well, let's understand, this must be viewed within the context of the italian system. and when it's sent back for this revision, her appearance is not legally required. so there's no issue as to that. it simply will proceed, it will be strenuously defended and we fully expect she will be exonerated. her appearance is simply not required.

>> theodore simon , good to have you with us, sir. thank you.

>> thank you.