TODAY   |  March 25, 2013

Get organized: Tricks for your basement, garage

Lifestyle expert Amy Goodman shares some useful tips to help you clean up your garage and basement, including a utility board to hang up tools, a magnetic jar for screws and nails, and a nifty desk your kids can use for homework or arts and crafts.

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>>> that's us.

>> that looks like us.

>> today we're kicking off our new series, "frazzled to focused." does your life feel hectic?

>> yes. this week we're tackling getting organized with everything from your home to your love life .

>> oh, goodie.

>> here to get us started is "today's" lifestyle expert amy goodman .

>> who's pretty perfect.

>> actually my basement flooded a week and a half ago and for inspiration for this segment, i tried to reorganize my garage. i live through the same pains as everybody else. when you get that space organized --

>> it creates peace.

>> it's like mental clarity.

>> serenity. hoda, it's a good thing. where are we starting?

>> brand-new from the container star, their alpha utility boards. they came out last week. it comes with the accessories for $75, all the hooks and bins and sometimes shelves you need to get your tools out of that cluttered drawer and up and visual.

>> so you can see them so you don't have to go digging through everything.

>> exactly.

>> like your purse.

>> and on that same note, we have these magnetic spice jars from bed, bath, and beyond, for hex screws.

>> so clever.

>> and take small knickknacks and put them in individual places. for all the balls rolling around the garage, this is called the ball claw from the container store . you put your most often used balls and your favorites up on the wall. get things on the wall where you can visually see them. this i love for kids who do a lot of activities and sports. from the clear handbags and more, i got clear totes. put like items for one sport in there. my daughter's soccer stuff, my son's swimming things and hang them on the garage wall with the chand hooks. you take them off the wall, put them other places --

>> doesn't damage them.

>> exactly. as they grow, you can move the hooks up. one sport activity in one place.

>> what about for gardening?

>> your favorite thing, hoda. upgrade your furniture from your garage. maybe you have an underutilized cabinet in your house, a bookshelf, a dress ek like this. pull it into the garage and use it to store various things. this one from pbt has labels so we can tell you it has tools, sporting equipment, et cetera . for gardening items, i love these locker bins from land of nod for a high shelf, because when you pull them out, you can see what is contain through the mesh sidings here. from threshold from target, we have different ways you can organize your seeds and plant food and make it visually pretty in your garage if that's your thing.

>> i like things like that. they function but they're nice looking.

>> right?

>> now, moving into --

>> we have less than a minute, sweetie.

>> okay. for the basement from cv2, covered storm, a great cabinet called the hide-and-seek cabinet, brand-new style tiles which come in different configurations to organize your family in the basement from photos to arts and crafts supplies. all kinds of boxes you can put on the wall. i love this desk pshgs kardon desk from cb2 because you can use it for an office space to write things in the basement or for the kids to do arts and crafts or swipe it off and put on snacks for march madness .

>> gorgeous.

>> for your closet in the basement, this is called the guitar hanger dotcom.

>> genius.

>> a beautiful hanger to the guitar out of the case, easy to play and much safer an a stand on the floor where kids and pets can knock it over. and a purse organizer .

>> thank you for cleaning us