TODAY   |  March 25, 2013

Billy Burke: ‘Revolution’ is ‘flipped upside down’

One of the stars of NBC’s drama “Revolution” talks about the hit show, saying everything is changing this season and revealing that one character is going to “kick it” on tonight’s episode.

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>> billy burke one of the stars of "revolution." good morning to you.

>> hello.

>> the premises what would you do if the lights went out if all the electricity was gone. it's been a hit for nbc. why do you think people have caught on to the series?

>> in my opinion and it's really just kind of a show about how ridiculously simple life is. you just try to stay alive and take care of the things you care about.

>> you seem to do really well with no electricity. i need hot showers and air conditioning and stuff like that, you seem to go through it without any problems.

>> that's why we call it acting.

>> in the real world i would suck.

>> at least you get a chopper, that's got to change things.

>> everything gets flipped upside down this part of the season. the quest for danny is over, we've found him and now the title kicks in. it's actually the revolution starts now.

>> matt mentioned someone biting the dust tonight.

>> somebody's going to kick it.

>> yeah.

>> someone's kicking it. i can't tell you who. but i'm standing here.

>> you'll be here next week.

>> actually you were supposed to be with us back earlier last year but you were here when hurricane sandy --

>> that's correct, i actually got stuck in, we shoot the show in north carolina and i got stuck there, couldn't make it on the plane to get here. so it's good to be here.

>> we're happy to have you back. you personally and back on the network as well. nice to have you, billy, it's a pleasure.

>> thank you so much.

>> you are going to stick around and talk to kathie lee and hoda in the 10:00 hour.

>> absolutely.

>> "revolution" returns tonight at 9:00 central time , 10:00 eastern right here on nbc.

>> what's with the central time zone ?

>> this time i'm leading with