TODAY   |  March 25, 2013

Usher: I enjoy ‘being a mentor’

Grammy winner Usher talks about taking a seat next to fellow music industry heavyweights as a new coach on NBC’s “The Voice,” and says that vocal ability is “the one thing that lasts forever” for entertainers.

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>>> speernls. first nbc is excited because "the voice" is back starting tonight and a lot of these people are excited because the newest coach on the show, usher, is here with us at the experience this morning. great to see you.

>> great to see you too, matt.

>> when i heard you were joining the coaches panel, i thought here is a good fit, knows how to identify and mentor talent.

>> absolutely. i've become territorial. you're standing on my chair.

>> sorry i didn't mean that.

>> no. this is something i really do enjoy doing, being a mentor and also speaking from experience, years and years of experience and you know for me, "the voice" is one of the most important parts of being an entertainer.

>> the rest i think you said is the icing on the cake . if you can dance, that's great but what is going to give you longevity is having a great voice.

>> it's the mantra my vocal coach really instilled in me earlier. it's great to be able to dance, as i still do and will always, but the voice is the one thing that lasts forever.

>> what about the competitive side of this. obviously you've got an eye for talent and you like to bring talent along, but there's a part of this show where you've got to be ultracompetitive with the other coaches.

>> well, there you have the gift and the curse. the curse, you have to, you know, convince them to come with you.

>> right. so let's say i've just gotten up on speech and nailed my performance and you want me on your team, convince me, usher, that i should join team usher.

>> convince you?

>> go ahead.

>> the first thing i have to make you aware of you are an incredible talent.

>> thank you.

>> and i really am happy --

>> what did you like so much about me?

>> what did i like so much about you? just the way that you articulated yourself. in my opinion i think that you need a coach that really understands how to nurture your talent. you've heard from the rest of them, you need to rock with the best of them.

>> all right and you're going to be through thick and thin.

>> absolutely. these are the moments that make or define an entire career.

>> and so i've got to take this opportunity while it's presented.

>> you're actually selling the point.

>> because shakira is telling me the same thing over there.

>> it's in spanish.

>> didn't understand a word. are you still learning in the business after all the years you've been doing it?

>> you never stop learning. that's the true evolution of an artist, what you see, where you go, what you feel becomes a part of your experience and this is another chapter in the long career i plan to have.

>> carson daily , host of "the skro voice" is here as well.

>> usher is the model, the producer of the show, needs to understand not just discovering it but building it. he and shakira were fans of "the voice."

>> chemistry works out between the four?

>> the best episode of "the voice" is tonight.

>> that's a lot to live up to.

>> shakira , blake and adam.

>> i'm thrilled to be part of your team.

>> don't doubt it for one second.

>> all right. we want to mention to people "the voice" back on tv on nbc tonight, 8:00/7:00 central time and tomorrow night at the same time, check it out, carson daily , usher, good to see you both.