TODAY   |  March 25, 2013

Spring storms drop snow on Midwest, East Coast

In the first days of spring, people across the Midwest are digging out of a major snowstorm that barreled across the country, dropping over a foot of snow on St. Louis. Today more snow is expected up and down the East Coast. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> but let's face it, this weather looks more like the christmas season .

>> more than a foot of snow in parts of missouri and the storm is headed east. let's get to the weather channel 's mara schiavocampo in frederi channel's mike seidel in frederick, maryland.

>> reporter: good morning, matt. 32 degrees and you just roll the snow down the grass and look at that. it just sticks together. the roads are in pretty good shape because after all it is march, we have two inches so far, temperature also hover in the mid-30s and we'll not see the totals we had in the weekend in denver and st. louis where they had their second biggest march snowstorm on record. last dose of winter in the first days of spring. major snowstorm that's barrelled across the nation's mid section, the st. louis area digging out from more than a foot of snow. and tire tracks the only evidence of highway 63 in central missouri .

>> we're going to get the biggest lump of snow right now.

>> reporter: this same weather system pummeled colorado with more than a foot of snow, causing a fiery pile-up outside denver. back in missouri, truckers along i-70 put it in park to wait out the weather.

>> i've been here for over ten hours.

>> reporter: the slog through the snow is capping a chilly week across the midwest where temperatures have been below average a far cry from the all-time record warm temperatures for march they enjoyed last year. many frustrated people vented online, one student tweeting "did mother nature not get the memo? it's spring break , not winter break ." another person complained "we just went to winter again." another went so far as to say "old man winter won't die." there have been impacts at the airports this morning, reagan national , dulles airport , washington's two airports, airlines have canceled 55 flights. again matt as temperatures warm up to 34 to 35 and we get daylight, by and large the road's in great shape across the d.c. metro area.

>> all right, mike seidel in maryland, thank you very much.

>>> al roker is back from vacation today. coincidence? i think not. al, good morning.

>> well, good morning, guys and unfortunately, yes, we still have winter's last, we hope last gasp, from illinois to new york as far south as the carolinas we have winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories to talk about. let's show you what we're talking about. not only do we have snow but severe weather as well. this was the bay hill invitational , the arnold palmer invitational , unbelievable weather, the course underwater. they'll have better weather today for the final round and this is another look at a lowe's in orlando, you had shoppers scrambling to get in, workers trying to close the doors against torrential rain and damaging winds, hail and all the problems and then of course we've got the snow side of this to talk about, st. louis picking up a record snowfall yesterday, over 12 inches of snow , indianapolis seeing a record as well. here's the latest on the system. this is our latest radar, bringing you the system, you can see that swirl. now here's what's going to happen. we've got two systems basically, one over the midwest, and the other is going to transfer this system all of its energy off to the atlantic, and as that second system makes its way up the coast, we will see more snow being drawn in, more moisture coming in off the atlantic, but it's also warm air being brought in, so we're not going to be looking at the snow totals we've seen over the last couple of storms. good news for you folks in new england you are going to get a break almost no snow for you. basically we're looking at three to four inches of snow from the mountains of pennsylvania into west virginia here in the metropolitan area , really not much to talk about. savannah?