TODAY   |  March 25, 2013

Prosecutors move to take Amanda Knox to court again

In the six years since Seattle student Amanda Knox was tried for murder in Italy, she was convicted, spent four years in jail, and was finally acquitted. In a new twist, prosecutors are asking the court to try the case again. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> overturn her acquittal for the murder of her roommate. michelle kosinski is in rome. what can you tell us?

>> reporter: hi matt, it has been six years since this case began. seattle student amanda knox spent four years in jail, was convicted of the murder then acquitted. now the prosecution wants the court to overturn that acquittal and try amanda knox again. and the case continues again. amanda knox and her then boy safely raphael sollecito, both were acquitted, do not have to appear in court for the latest twist. amanda since released from prison in 202011 --

>> thank you for being there for me.

>> reporter: has picked up her schooling, life and a book to be published. prosecutors want to set aside her appeal and try this case all over again.

>> the only way the evidence could be characterized was absent, non-existent, inconclusive, and unreliable, and revealed that a monumental wrongful conviction had occurred.

>> reporter: what little dna evidence there was, the prosecutors said could tie amanda and raphaele to the murder was likely the result of contamination. prosecutors are saying the judges who acquitted the pair made a mistake

>> they will argue the evidence presented was overwhelmingly in favor of a conviction.

>> reporter: that is a tall order, not expected to make it past this hearing. if it did, though, amanda 's attorney says she and her family will comply with the law.

>> amanda and her parents have acted with unquestioned patience, with dignity and continue to remain hopeful.

>> reporter: the court should decide today whether or not it sides with the prosecution but might not announce it today. remember, amanda was also convicted of slander saying police mistreated her during the investigation. she's considered to have already served her time for that but the court may choose to overturn that conviction. matt?

>> michelle kosinski in italy, thank you very much.