TODAY   |  March 24, 2013

Follow March Madness bracket with new app

To follow March Madness on the fly, a new app offers a way to watch the games on a phone or a tablet, and also has a feature that allows users to follow their brackets in real time. TODAY’s digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong reports.

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>>> this morning, it's time to talk tech with mario 's top three. today's digital lifestyle contributor, mario armstrong, has rounded up the biggest stories of the week in the world of gadgets, apps, and social media . mario , good morning.

>> good morning.

>> quickly show the socks. very socks. very cool. let's move on. march madness --

>> yes.

>> -- you can't always sit in front of your tv.

>> no.

>> you want to check your bracket, you have great ways to do it.

>> there's an app that's free, march madness live, so you can watch the games live on your phone or tablet anywhere. be wary of people at the office talking about, i'm taking an extended bathroom break, right? get them back in the office, they're probably watching the game. so that's big. you can also see how your bracket is doing, how your selections are going on the app as well. you can get the schedules for the games and also what networks the games are showing on. and if you missed a game, you can watch video highlights of the game.

>> so if you're sitting in a boring class, you can --

>> class, the office. look, you still have the computer. people will be on their desktop. you know about the boss button , right?

>> oh, yeah, you click that and it goes back to work.

>> the screen shot . you're watching the game at work on your desk top . the circle is where the boss button is. and pops up on the screen, i'm working on an e-mail, boss.

>> very cool. now that we're suggesting you do any of this. go back to work, everybody. if you wanted to --

>> worker productivity is down.

>> i want to talk about this thing, groupon, really offered a pretty cool deal for coffee, but they've been overwhelmed by it.

>> yes, they have. they sold 100,000 coupons basically of this deal. and it basically brought the whole groupon site down. i guess a bunch of people were excited about getting coffee half hour. a $10 voucher for five bucks. i love my decaf soy macchiatto, too. but it beats the coupons for 60% off. but this beat it. it shut the site down.

>> and google street view . i use it when i'm trying to find the name of a street. but now they're taking you out in the wilderness.

>> they are. they've been doing things like the grand canyon and others, but what's been popping up is some of the beautiful mountains we like to see. things like mount everett . they take a guy from google, goes out with a camera, tripod, a fish- eye lens and this is the base camp at mount everett . and then mount kilimanjaro is also something that they've started to street view maps. this is great for getting kids -- i think teachers can use this as a really good educational tool in the classroom, to take kids to places that you normally can't get to.

>> obviously, not their car with the fancy camera. a little backpack.

>> right. and they didn't walk the whole mountain. they didn't do every single piece of the mountain. it's not every footstep, but more than we've had before.

>> all right. back to your basketball game. we know you've been watching the whole time.

>> i'd rather get back to the basketball game than you singing the boyz ii men lyrics.

>> another story. my talent appearance.