TODAY   |  March 23, 2013

‘Mary Tyler Moore’ cast to reunite

It has been nearly 40 years since the “Mary Tyler Moore” cast has been together on the same screen, but there will finally be a reunion. It is sure to be an especially poignant episode since actress Valerie Harper, who was recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, will be joining in. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> valerie harper was one of the breakout stars of "the mary tyler moore show " she just revealed that she has terminal brain cancer . she now plans to reunite with castmates from another sitcom.

>> reporter: it's been 36 years since we've seen them together on tv. fans of the show " mary tyler moore " got good news this week. there will finally be a reunion. mary tyler moore , betty white , and of course valerie harper .

>> it will be wonderful.

>> all are set to get together for a special episode of "hot in cleveland."

>> waking up next to you.

>> a show betty white stars in and one gloria has been a frequent guest. it's an especially big deal because it could be the last acting appearance for 73-year-old valerie harper . in a "today" show interview with savann savannah, she discussed her diagnosis of terminal brain cancer .

>> at first i thought, my god, three months to live. it's not the whole truth. it could be six. it could be five years. you just don't know. the thing i have is very rare and it's serious and it's incurable. so far. so i'm holding onto the so far. i'm also quite ready to say bye-bye.

>> reporter: a strong woman standing up to a terrifying disease but the belove the actress doesn't want you to count her out just yet. after all, she still has unfinished miss to attend to. the ladies are set to tape the reunion on april 5th in los angeles . they'll play a former bowling team getting back together years after a falling out.

>> since this is their love letter to valerie, this is them saying we bid you farewell and let's do it in style acting.

>> reporter: in a way, it's valerie's good-bye to you.