TODAY   |  March 23, 2013

New clues in Colorado prison official death

The man suspected in the shooting death of a Colorado prison official has now died of wounds suffered at the end of a high-speed chase. Evidence against the gunman appears to be growing, with one bizarre twist. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>> investigation into who killed colorado 's top prison official. kristen dahlgren is at the el paso county sheriff's office in colorado springs . kristen , good morning.

>> reporter: good morning, lester. that suspected white supremacist hasn't officially been named a suspect in the murders here in colorado but this morning evidence does appear to be growing and we now have one more really bizarre twist. in the charred crime scene new clues. the dramatic high-speed chase and shootout thursday was captured on a cell phone and now a search warrant obtained by nbc news indicates shell casings recovered at the scene in texas are the same brand and caliber used in the brazen murder of tom clements , colorado 's top prison official.

>> we're hoping with the forensic review of his vehicle and the searching of the vehicle we'll learn more.

>> reporter: the gunman who died of a single shot to the head is identified as 28-year-old evan spencer, a colorado parolee with known ties to a white supremacist group in colorado prisons.

>> they are very quick to attack or even attempt to kill their own members if they don't follow orders.

>> reporter: denver police say there's a strong indication he may have been involved in another crime. the murder of 27-year-old pizza delivery man nathan leon in goldongol golden, colorado , on sunday. and colorado governor is an old friend of ebel 's dad and mentioned evan ebel 's case in a press conference this week talking about why he chose tom clements to head colorado prisons.

>> when i first interviewed him, we talked about administrative segregation. i had an old friend whose son had gone on a wrong track and been put into administrative segregation for a long period of time. solitary confinement.

>> he had a bad streak in him. no one would explain it. it was there at an early age.

>> reporter: really just a strange coincidence. the governor insists the family ties had nothing to do with ebel getti intin inting paroled. he was paroled after serving his full term. the prisons here in colorado remain on lockdown through this weekend.

>> all right. kristen dahlgren, thank you.