TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

When to spend, splurge on wedding necessities

Anja Winikka from explains how brides and grooms can save on some high-priced wedding items, including rings, items on their registry, invitations and flowers.

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>>> if you have a wedding coming up or you know somebody who does, take notes, says the average wedding costs $28,500. but it doesn't have to. anja has tips and tricks on saving money on everything you need. she's the site director at

>> can we get under that number?

>> you can try. some parts of the country it's much higher, some places is lower. 28 is the national average.

>> we'll play a little game. splurge or whether it's cheaper.

>> a steal.

>> starting with the rings.

>> which do you think of these first two? the idea, they're both filigree. very trendy for wedding bands , your wedding bands add some cost.

>> i think that's the expensive one.

>> you think so? ha do you think?

>> i would go for --

>> that one?

>> no, that one.

>> molly's the winner.

>> that's this is the simon g, 3200 and this one is 600.

>> so which of these two, channel-set, very nice, very simple --

>> splurge.

>> splurge.

>> what do you think?

>> is she touching that?

>> what do you think?

>> i'll go for that one, too.

>> we got you, that's wrong, that's the steal. we're talking about $900 channel-set ring and --

>> i like that one better.

>> there you go.

>>> let's move down to the china.

>> this is not you spending the money. this is your guest spending the money on you. do you want to get more out of your registry? here's the thing, two sets of china here. people are into everyday china, to take it from the dinner table to the holiday table. this is we've got well first of all, i'm going to let you tell us.

>> this is the expensive one with the gold.

>> do you think?

>> i'll go for this one.

>> well yes, you're right. this is the expensive one.

>> lennox gold.

>> this is bed, bath. this is $70 for the entire setting. this one, five pieces for $130, much more expensive.

>> that's more of your every day.

>> invitations, they set the tone for your affair. if you're the kind of girl who wants --

>> this one is pricey.

>> you are right. that is the splurge.

>> how much are the expensive ones.

>> these are couture designers, $32 a set. this is the steal, this is $4.

>> take us down to the last two items we have.

>> flowers, which is the steal and which is the splurge?

>> this is the splurge, but it looks like it's dying. it's been here for --

>> this one is $400, $150. the difference is in the flower type.

>> the cake?

>> yes, the cake. the best part, right?

>> yes.

>> people spend about $500 on their cake, $500 to $600. which one do you think?

>> i think this one is the splurge. and that's a simple cake and this, well this is the save and it's $525.

>> this is the splurge?

>> no, this is the save.

>> this is much more tasteful.

>> okay.

>> this one -- this is $ 1600 .

>> that's so good.

>> it's so good.

>> this one. it's delicious.

>> tahitian vanilla.