TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

5 kids make nutty peanut butter sandwiches

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest co-host Molly Ringwald test five kids’ creative peanut butter sandwich creations, whose ingredients include everything from graham crackers to pears.

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>>> there's more to a peanut butter sandwich than just jelly. and the jif's most creative sandwich contest is awarding a $25,000 college scholarship to the kid who makes the best sandwich.

>> we've got matthew , raise your hand, matthew , ashley, raise your hand, jacob, katherine and julia . everybody go back to your stations. we're starting with matthew .

>> what are you cooking up matthew , what have you got?

>> i'm cooking up the bananas foster pb and b.

>> you put peanut butter , bananas and what's your other secret ingredient .

>> the bananas are carmelized bananas.

>> of course they are. let's get this out of here, i'm going to do this for you. can i flop this on?

>> yeah, just do that.

>> wow, bacon.

>> while you're putting that there, we're going to try one of these. and we're going to come on down here, thank you, matthew .

>> i'll put that there.

>> okay. that's good, very good. this is --

>> i hwhat's this?

>> banana cream sandwiches. bananas, peanut butter , honey and chocolate graham crackers .

>> we have to get in here. how did you think of this idea?

>> well, i love ice cream . i was trying to think of a healthy and easy way for kids to make a version of an ice cream sandwich .

>> that's good.

>> we're so happy to be eating.

>> thank you,ing an la.

>> up nextor our friend jacob, ha are you making?

>> my sandwich is the magnificent mole chicken torta.

>> where is the peanut butt centre.

>> i used chocolate hazelnut spread.

>> where is that?

>> to make my mole sauce i mixed with the chicken and i added two slices of monterey jack cheese and then you can add avocado, lettuce.

>> where's the peanut butter ?

>> just enjoy.

>> mmmm! good one.

>> oh my god. how is anyone going to choose.

>> katherine , katherine . what are we making here?

>> the peanut butter parrot.

>> what is in it, i wonder. parrots, carrots, peanut butter , dried-up cranberries and carrots.

>> excellent.

>> so you just mushed it all together?

>> yes.

>> and you stuck it in a wrap?

>> yes. and i took the chocolate --

>> spread. you sprinkled these on top of that?

>> yes.

>> and i put it on the outside of that.

>> and i sprinkled it on both ends.

>> good one.

>> now it is messy.

>> but delicious.

>> come on down.

>> julia !

>> julia . what have we made here?

>> apple sized peanut butter surprise.

>> i like that it rhymes.

>> what is that?

>> it's a tortilla with peanut butter goes on first and then mini chocolate chips and you have do that. like a dot at the top. kind of like a smiley.

>> like a smiley.

>> so can you kind of --

>> yeah. so it's kind of like glue.

>> and then what do you do?

>> the chocolate chips go on. the granola goes on there, also.

>> and the apples --

>> in any particular direction?

>> the apple fries go on here and then you fold it up.

>> and you eat it.

>> yes.

>> thank you. you kids are all, congratulations by the way. however wins, you guys all did a great job.

>> thank you for coming to