TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

What is Molly Ringwald’s favorite NYC spot?

Hoda Kotb says that one of her recommendations to New York City visitiors is to check out the Top of the Rock; her guest co-host Molly Ringwald recommends taking a walk around Greenwich Village.

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>>> time for three, two, one, live with sara haines.

>> sara, how afraid should we be?

>> very afraid. first up someone from oklahoma, shannon.

>> good morning, ladies, we're in new york until saturday. what are your top picks for sightseeing?

>> top picks for sightseeing.

>> in new york city ?

>> what do you think?

>> i really love the village. greenwich village , that's my favorite.

>> i'm all about the restaurants, like go to balthaazar. going to the top of the rock is a terrific view, it's a great time. it's going to warm up. so you're not picking a bad time.

>> let's try to get mike in from portland. he was one of our fans of the week, hoda, he's on our trip right now.

>> hey.

>> hello, being a fan of the week, i love your i hoda playlist, i don't know what your dance moves are?

>> i wish we had more time, because i'm so five seconds, i would have busted a move thaw wouldn't believe. we'll be right back with some furry little creatures right