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TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

Hoda, Molly Ringwald play ‘Name That Redhead’

TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and her guest co-host, iconic redhead Molly Ringwald, try to guess the identities of some other famous redheads (and Hoda reveals that she has a bit of a crush on Prince Harry.)

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>> thank you.

>> now how is it juggling all the kids and the cute husband of yours?

>> well, that cute husband of mine actually really helps a lot. he's very supportive. and he's a writer as well and i write books as well. so i think we're both very creative. with our, with our juggling.

>> i want to get to the rest of the juggling. this is the important thing. what is in this drink?

>> well it should, it's a degreehound, degree greyhound. it has grape fruit juice with a twist of lime.

>> it's good, it's refreshing. i learned recently that you sing jazz and you have a jazz cd that's coming out.

>> i do, concord jazz , "success sometimes." coming out april 9th .

>> i can't believe that were you hiding or did it come out every now and then?

>> my father is a jazz musician so i've been singing actually for longer than i've been doing anything else before i could talk. i was singing.

>> i didn't know that. you covered an old, an old song didn't you on this. what is the famous cover?

>> this is actually the newest song that they're playing right now. i did a cover of "don't you forget about me."

>> how could we forget that song? from "the breakfast club ." was that hard to do?

>> when i recorded that song, it wasn't long after john hughes passed away. i wanted to do it as a tribute to him. but rest of the songs are all american songbooks.

>>> you are an iconic redhead, we thought it was fitting on this day to play a game that we're going to call -- guess the redhead. all right? you and me -- okay. this is a game, neither of us know who they are here is picture number one. who is that? oh! who is that redhead, i'm guessing it, prince harry .

>> very good.

>> he's for me. he is completely, totally for me. that look is for me.

>> okay, name that redhead.

>> she's not red, she's blonde. i don't that counts as a redhead.

>> i might be unstoppable. i'm going with kathy griffin .

>> oh my god!

>> she did look blonde in your defense.

>> i'm killing it on the redheads.

>> who is that? oh!

>> all right. who is -- first of all, is this a man or a woman? it's julia roberts .

>> is it julia roberts ?

>> oh! that's shaun white . the snowboard pro, from the olympics.

>> bobbie thomas set us up.

>> it could have been julia roberts . i want to see julia's face morphed in there.

>> i think, here is picture number five.

>> oh.

>> oh, wait -- jessica chastain ? are you right?

>> yes.

>> how many more, is this the tiebreaker? oh, all right. well we have a winner. we don't have any prizes, just more drinking.

>> now here's the thing we are challenging you to, molly. you have a lot of facebook and twitter followers. we're asking every guest host to bring it bring your facebook followers or twitter followers, to our facebook site. dule came and we got some and whitney cummings came and we dropped 2,000. so are you going to do it?

>> i'm on it.

>> you go on facebook to kathie lee and hoda and you click the like button.

>>> you have kids.

>> i do.

>> now, this is one of those things that's kind of an important thing for parents, when your kids kind of get a little -- antsy in restaurants, do you give them ipads and ear phones and things to kind of distract them?

>> i try not to. because we have a rule in our house which no electronics on the table.

>> oh, really?

>> that's a rule and that also goes for me, too because i'm the worst. i always -- so we try to set an example and just not have those on the table. so i, we try not to do that in restaurants. because i don't think that we should have the same -- i think we should have some consistency between home and restaurants. but i do, we do try to bring coloring books .

>> right, right.

>> little things to keep them occupied.

>> when you see parents who hand their kids something to occupy them. and the kids are out of control and they put on the headphones and they're totally quiet. do you think that's a good plan for somebody else, or not?

>> i think everybody is different. i get a little concerned when i see kids so checked out with the electronics. my kids love ipads, too, but we try to put a limit on the amount of time --

>> so they don't zone.

>> because otherwise, that's all they want. i want them to learn how to build things and manipulate things with their hands.

>> you're right. we do this thing called the social cues. it comes on the "new york times," this is a question that struck us, and something we have to talk about. in the middle of a seated musical performance at a top venue, my wife and i were overwhelmed by the rank odor of feet. someone had taken off her shoes. the people on either side of us had theirs on. the smell was so overpowering that the person must have been in our immediate vicinity. what should we have done? so --

>> that's revolting. that's revolting.

>> what would you do in that kind of a situation?

>> i think i would say something.

>> what would you say?

>> i would tap them on the shoulder and say, would you mind putting your shoes back on.

>> you have moxie.

>> you don't take your shoes off in a theater.

>> and people do that on planes, have you ever been near anybody when they do it on a plane?

>> yes, i have.

>> and anything --

>> sometimes i've asked the flight attendant.

>> phil gawanus says you should reach into your purse, get a kleenex, squirt it with some perfume and put it up to your nose so you can breathe the kind of air you like to smell.

>> if you spray perfume, you're imposing that smell on everyone else.

>> that's a very good point.

>> and maybe everybody else doesn't like that.

>> one thing i was in a cab, and it was so rank in this cab, i literally almost wanted to baurf. i unrolled the window and hung my head out the window like a dog. i'm usually one of those people who just takes the cab and suck it up and go.

>> yeah.

>> you know what, every friday at this time we do kathie lee 's friday funny. and since kathie lee isn't here, guess who is going to take a stab at it?

>> i stressed out a lot about this. the best that i could do.

>> all right.

>> we're ready.

>> what -- i'm going to mess this up.

>> no, you're not.

>> what's beethoven's favorite fruit.

>> what is beethoven's favorite fruit? i don't know.

>> ba-na-na-na.

>> oh.

>> i have one more.

>> good.

>> why is it fiscally irresponsible to get rid of a penny?

>> why is it -- fiscally irresponsible, i don't know.

>> because it makes no cents!

>> the party is over! that's it.

>> all right. it's time for our girlfriend, bobbie thomas, bobbie's buzz. what have you got for us, bobbie?

>> i thought that was very cute. i'm here to talk about what's new for nails this spring and something that nail art fans will flip for. this lets you create your own nail decals.

>> i made a special strip for kathie lee and hoda. so they could wear theirs.

>> is that crazy?

>> you can even put your own touch. this is my little and birthday parties, cheerleaders love this with all the news we've heard about gel manicures, maybe something you want to think about the uv exposure, this spring, lots of brands are offering top coats that you don't need the uv light for and you can take it off with regular remover and they make it look like the gel, because they have a thicker top coat .

>> i took the gel off and my nails are like paper.

>> you shouldn't do the gels.

>> and something else, i have a hard time when i paint my own nails, keeping the nail polish on the cuticle. this is a little thing that you can by sephora, use and it has a grip underneath. it will help stay put.

>>> and last but not least, refinery is a website i like. i picked up a tip for them. this is elmer's glue, if you put a base coat of that on your nails because shimmer polish is in. you can paint your nails with glitter and it will last through the party, and in the morning you won't have the hard-to-get glitter off, it will come right off.

>> elmer's glue, who knew? something that molly is looking forward to is our animal segment. we want to give you a little taste. this is called a -- bear cat ?

>> this is a bintron.

>> what is this?

>> it's a bear cat .

>> but it's not a bear or a cat.

>> no.

>> it's freaky.

>> how heavy is it?

>> she's pretty heavy, about 90 pounds.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> is she friendly?

>> she's friendly to me. but i'm not going to let you near her.

>> i don't get to snuggle?

>> no.

>> dave, we look forward to seeing you. time to go over to sara to tell us about our baby of the week.

>> the cute time to announce our babies of the week, johnson's baby of the week. first up is justin, born to nikki and sam on february 27th . mom and dad love justin's spiky hair. next is baby liam, born to parents kristen and brandon on february 6. mom says she learned the only time to sleep is when the baby sleeps. our next baby of the week is courtney, born on january 30th to camille and roman in clifton, new jersey, making 19-month-old cameron a big sister . and this baby was born on february 15th . so big congratulations to all of our new parents. if you'd like your adorable baby to be considered for today's johnson's baby of the week, go to klg&

>>> meredith she has a friend, his name is kevin fitzgerald , only 17 years old. diagnosed with something called acute lymphoblastic cancer. he is in the hospital. he had to have a double lung transplant . he had to have a boston children's hospital from meredith vieira and all of us, we are wishing him the best of luck and get home