TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

Bobbie’s tips for getting knockout nails

TODAY style editor Bobbie Thomas reveals off cool ways you can have fun with your nails by designing your own stickers to put on them. She also shows a few manicure tools to help keep your nails looking fabulous.

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>> all right. it's time for our girlfriend, bobbie thomas, bobbie's buzz. what have you got for us, bobbie?

>> i thought that was very cute. i'm here to talk about what's new for nails this spring and something that nail art fans will flip for. this lets you create your own nail decals.

>> i made a special strip for kathie lee and hoda. so they could wear theirs.

>> is that crazy?

>> you can even put your own touch. this is my little and birthday parties, cheerleaders love this with all the news we've heard about gel manicures, maybe something you want to think about the uv exposure, this spring, lots of brands are offering top coats that you don't need the uv light for and you can take it off with regular remover and they make it look like the gel, because they have a thicker top coat .

>> i took the gel off and my nails are like paper.

>> you shouldn't do the gels.

>> and something else, i have a hard time when i paint my own nails, keeping the nail polish on the cuticle. this is a little thing that you can by sephora, use and it has a grip underneath. it will help stay put.

>>> and last but not least, refinery is a website i like. i picked up a tip for them. this is elmer's glue, if you put a base coat of that on your nails because shimmer polish is in. you can paint your nails with glitter and it will last through the party, and in the morning you won't have the hard-to-get glitter off, it will come right off.

>> elmer's glue, who knew? something