TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

How to stay on budget during home renovations

Adi Tatarko, the creator of Houzz, an online decorating community, offers her best tips for preparing to renovate your home, including how to make joint decisions, define your style, and fund your project while staying on budget.

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>>> this morning on "today's home" finding design inspiration online. house is an online decorating community that receives 14 million visitors in january alone. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we asked our viewers on what is the most difficult part of a home remodel and 52% say staying on budget . not a big surprise.

>> not a big surprise, staying on a budget is a big thing and i think that knowing in advance and plan something very, very important.

>> the number one room a lot of people want to remodel, where should people be investing their money?

>> well, now it's the season the focus is 14 million people what are they doing this season? kitchens, kitchens, kitchens.

>> you hear it all the time from realtors.

>> but especially now, now is the time of the year they're planning lots of activities around kitchens. let's look at what they're doing.

>> you brought with your ipad, identifying your style, how do we identify our style.

>> yes, so style is not a closed box. there are so many styles, variations of styles, many people like mixing styles.

>> traditional but modern i would think.

>> it's a mix of different elements. the best way to do it is actually browse pictures. we have a quarter of a million pictures of kitchens alone and you start browsing. this one for example many people like the contrast between the dark cabinets and the light countertops.

>> and cabinets are a big expense. lot of people pay a lot for custom. should you spend money on the cabinets or are there ways to remodel them without having to, you could repurpose them.

>> we do see many people that want to stay on a budget , that find creative to actually paint it or just change the doors or even changing their hardware should make a big difference and keep you on a budget .

>> the next photo, people it seems they're embracing bold colors. that's yellow.

>> that's yellow. i like it. it's a happy kitchen.

>> well, neutral colors are still very trendy, we see more and more people gravitating towards color, colorful cabinets, colorful countertop, colorful back splashes.

>> we look at the next image the third one and what do people see with regards to this one, this is the opposite of the other one.

>> they love the little island . it's functional. it's great. you can entertain, you can prepare food there.

>> it's not taking up a lot of room.

>> it's not taking up a lot of room.

>> the next one, your community of housers as you call them there's extra storage.

>> yes, creative storage solutions, that's big. they really like the floating shelving systems above the sink, above the little bar there, the way they tuck the little schools underneath the bar, people loved it.

>> now talking about lighting.

>> lighting, here you go.

>> what's trending on your site there?

>> pendant lights. these ones are very popular, we have different ones, different textures and colors, different styles. on the app itself you can see a green tag and learn more about the products, what are they and buy them.

>> and then just really quickly for tips for staying on a budget , set a maximum budget first. you also say it's important to keep the same footprint and also meet with professionals at your home.

>> yes, so as i said before, planning is very, very important. now if you want to stay on a budget , staying with the same footprint will help a lot, because once you start changing things, you pay a lot to construction, plumbing, electrical, so tie to stick with it. bring the professionals so people track professionals, they follow them on houses, they get friends with them but bring them to your house, talk to them, see what they think, if they are the best ones for your project.

>> ari, congrats on this.

>> thank you. and have fun when you remodel.

>> appreciate it.

>> i'm obsessed with this app