TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

What does your mobile device say about you?

The TODAY anchors, along with E!’s Jason Kennedy, chat about the hot topics of the day, including a new survey in which 61 percent of men admitted they think their mobile phones are the first thing people notice about them.

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>> we're here with dylan dreyer and jason kennedy pinching for willie and al as well. take three today. we talked about this earlier in the show, kerry sanders had the spot about american airlines testing out this whole new boarding process. we all have our gripes when it comes to flying, but as you know the boarding process i think for a lot of people really is at the top of the list. american airlines is now saying it's testing a process that allows passengers with no luggage or very small carry-on bags to be able to board early, and the goal is to shorten the boarding time, they're testing out the concept at baltimore, austin, washington dulles and ft. lauderdale-hollywood they're thinking it can allow people to get on their flights more quickly and according to the testing that's been done, kerry reported earlier they shortened the boarding process down about five minutes.

>> nobody really doesn't travel lightly anymore because you have to pay so much just to check luggage so now everybody's carrying it on. nothing fits in the overhead bins. you stand there and say i need to get to that open bin over there. it slows everything down.

>> i see why it's a good thing but i fly from l.a. to here for like a day, and i don't want to check a bag. i want to carry a bag on here. so it's an issue when i land the last thing i want to do is wait for my small bag on the carousel for sometimes 20 to 25 minutes at jfk but it's working in ft. lauderda lauderdale. one passenger said it was the best boarding experience ever so it's a test now.

>> i think it's a great idea. there are sacrifices to be made if you want to be first to board you have to learn how to travel lightly. the only issue is a lot of parents who unfortunately like me traveling later on today, you end up carrying and lugging all their stuff and you can't travel lightly. so in effect you'll be back of the bus.

>> and the worst is like when you're on the plane and someone is lugging their bag from the back to the front after everybody's sitting down and you're ready to take off and that adds another five, ten minutes to the mix.

>> jamming in the overhead, it doesn't fit.

>> fill up the overhead and --

>> you feel rude if you don't help the person. it's a lot of emotions.

>> all right, let's get to our take two and a lot of controversy with beyonce 's new song called "bow down," can't say that word, the "b" word. sparked a lot of controversy for its apparent message to women. some are interpreting the song in a completely different way than beyonce thought it was. "i know when you were little girls you dreamt of being in my world, don't forget it, don't forget it, respect that, bow down," the "b" word. i as a parent find the "b" word in the song. some say we know she's top bee.

>> rush limbaugh slammed the song and i think many people a lot of insiders are saying his attack was misguided, it's not about beyonce bowing down to men, it's quite the contrary, it's people bowing down to her because she's at the top of the game right now and that happens all the time in songs.

>> what he said was apparently that she married a rich guy and she understands now it's time to bow down, and he's like well she's the one who is all about women empower. a ment and now done a complete 180.

>> from destiny's child.

>> she said i took some time to live my life but don't think i'm just his little wife. some people say he took the title of the song and completely read into it the wrong way.

>> for beyonce she's a diva but it seems out of character for her to rub it in people's faces. she has so many followers, girls of all ages. i don't know.

>> twitter went crazy with exactly that, people on twitter saying you're at the top of the game but you don't need to tell us. we all know.

>> we know you're successful and keyshia cole slammed her, she's in the rap game. it's not just rush limbaugh .

>> she does look gorgeous in that video. take three, apparently when it comes to guys and their phones there's a little bit of phone envy. what does your mobile device say about you? apparently everything according to men, much more than women care about it but let's look at our phones, i mean, i guess we're all iphone users here now.

>> mine is pretty plain.

>> that's the 4? that's what someone said to me. i went through the time of same thing, got hate for having a blackberry, switched to an iphone and got the 4 and someone goes hey can i borrow your charger? oh you got the 4, i need the 5 charger. i cannot win.

>> i don't want to say it was my husband but it was, once we got the iphone 5 he had the cover and didn't want to put the cover on it because it looked too much like the iphone 4. it added bulk. he wanted everybody to know we the iphone 5.

>> 61% of men think their phones are the first thing people notice about them. sorry, guys, not the first thing a lot of us notice about you, just want to point that out. 22% say they're more likely to feel ashamed of their phones and we're not just talking about them but their accessories. i could care less about the accessories. this came to us at the "today" show free this iphone pantone case. i was like it fits my phone perfect.

>> i'm like that's a lot cooler than my cover. i'm more into the accessories but i fail at that.

>> you don't have the bling or the whole thing. girard, let me see, how far have we come from, hello.

>> where did you find that?

>> the brick phone.

>> the brick phone. what would this say about you if you pulled this out. i dare you to go out there on the blplaza, this is jason kennedy .

>> i can't hear you. can you hear me now.

>> hi, ryan seacrest what kind of phone do you carry?

>> there is somebody at the "today" show, i'm not going to name any names --

>> that was like the briefcase came with that.

>> kathie lee gifford has the flip phone , she can still text with it but some like it.

>> she can text with it faster than a teenager can text. no question.

>> she's had a lot of years to get used to it, so.

>> that's true.

>> incredible.

>> we have a great bonus take for you, you've got to see this kid, his name is jace and this video was recorded in 2009 where he quotes presidents over the years, and apparently coached by his parents as you'll see. take a look.

>> jace, what does george washington say?

>> i cannot tell a lie.

>> what does abraham lincoln say?

>> four scores and seven years ago.

>> what does nixon say?

>> i'm not a crook.

>> what does truman say?

>> uhm, the buck stops here.

>> oh my goodness.

>> the best, we missed the best, what does bill clinton say.

>> and he says it.

>> really?

>> that's great.

>> he's so cute.

>> it's a lot different than what does a cow say, moo.

>> he knows them all, it's amazing.

>> i wonder how long it took.

>> took him a while for "ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country."

>> that's gone viral, that's why it's out.

>>> you have a check of the news?