TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

Ryan Seacrest building TV/radio studios for ailing kids

The “American Idol” host speaks from California’s Orange County Children’s Hospital about the Ryan Seacrest Foundation, which is building radio and TV studios in children’s hospitals to enable young patients to learn the art of radio and TV.

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>>> you may have caught him on " american idol " last morning but this morning ryan seacrest joins us live from rorng county children's hospital in southern california to talk about a cause that is close to his heart. ryan great to see you.

>> thanks for having me. after the show i got in the car and came down to orange county . we're here in this brand new studio that i'm so excited to reveal to you guys here on the "today" show. this is the studio we built through my foundation for the kids at children's hospital of orange county , and if you take a look, it is a full radio studio with all of this wonderful equipment that we use every day on the air to do our broadcast, and it's also equipped with television cameras so that the kids can watch what's happening inside the studios.

>> ryan i understand it is state of the art . you're going to be broadcasting your show from there later on today, your radio show ?

>> yes, and in a couple of minutes we're going to be broadcasting from right here with my team as well as "the wanted" will be in here performing the british band , miley cyrus , taylor lautner from "the breaking dawn " franchise as well and the idea is for the patients to come in and use this facility, they can do the interviews themselves, they can come in and watch and listen everything that happens inside when they can't come down through the studio is transmitted from here to the screens in the hospital.

>> that is so great. i know how much this must have an impact on the kids and i understand this is the fourth such studio you have one in atlanta, philadelphia, and dallas already. tell me about some of the patients and what it does for them.

>> well, i had spent time with some of the patients and parents over the course of the last few years and when i talked to them, they said and some of them are gathering now, they said we don't know that we're going to spend time here. you're in these facilities, you don't know how long you're going to be here and my kids, they get bored after a while, and so i started to think about what we could do to create a distraction, and also something where they could learn and be active, and my parents and i sat down with my sister and had dinner one night and said well why don't we do what i know how to do, which is build these radio studios and have something they can use themselves. and so we've seen it create energy, it creates a spirit inside the hospitals, it's really special.

>> not to mention music does so much for the soul and to help the kids through hard times . i understand there's going to be a huge party there later on today with all those kids gathering already?

>> yes, we've got all of the artists that i mentioned earlier coming in and families, the kids that can come down will come down and those who can't make it can call in, request songs, talk to the stars and over the course of the years that we've done this, we started in 2010 with the first facility in atlanta, by the end of the year we're probably going to have six total but you know, chris martin from coldplay has come by, usher and justin bieber has come by. there's so much great activity and energy that comes from these facilities inside the lobbies of these children's hospitals so we're excited to launch this today.

>> ryan seacrest doing a world of good there, thanks so much, ryan , at the children's hospital of orange county , thank you.

>> thank you for having me, we'll see you soon.

>> you got it, have a great show. we'll be listening.