TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

American Eagle ad markets ‘spray-on’ jeans

Just when you thought skinny jeans couldn’t get any skinnier, a new American Eagle ad touts “jeans” that are sprayed on. But are they real, or just a brilliant marketing ploy? American Eagle vice president Bob Holobinko and marketing consultant Peter Shankman discuss the campaign.

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>>> get any skinnier look at american eagle outfitters new marketing campaign and you be the judge.

>> people say you spend so much time working, but if it's your passion, it isn't really work.

>> i love the feeling you get when you make something all on your own.

>> i love coming up with something new.

>> making it up as i go along.

>> i don't want to be put in a box.

>> i like skinny jeans , sometimes they're not skinny enough.

>> i love really skinny jeans .

>> it's like they were made just for me.

>> live your life .

>> american eagle outfitters .

>> ae skinny skinny available for a limited time at

>> you've seen it, what about it. bob has brought along a few models, we'll get to them and peter shenkman is a marketing consulta consultant. good morning.

>> good morning.

>> bob thank you for addressing the crisis of whether skinny jeans are skinny enough. it was crying out for a solution.

>> we were happy to help them from american eagle outfitters .

>> it's pretty obvious it's spray paint but the question is are you trying to sell spray paint and saying you should spray paint yourself with jeans?

>> we wanted to have fun with our fans and it was a good opportunity to push it from a brand standpoint and the response has been incredible.

>> you have 200,000 clicks in the sense of people, they watched the video and tried to purchase them and if you try to do that, two spray cans come up so i'll ask you again since you didn't quite answer my question, are you selling those spray cans saying you should paint yourself and that's our new jean?

>> yes, we are not selling it just to be clear. there will be an offer the customer will receive throughout the campaign.

>> let's bring the spray paint cans in. now i'm ready for the weekend.

>> absolutely.

>> what do you think, is this brilliant or goes too far? it's a little revealing.

>> this is brilliant. as a marketing, i teach my clients two things, whatever do you in marketing has to have a payoff and has to generate revenue. the bayoff we've seen by the amount of views on youtube and the amount of virality this video has gotten and the payoff in terms of revenue, are people going to the site and buying other things. we don't assume that we can spray on jeans. we know it's fake but to still go to the site, let's be honest when was the last time you heard about a good american eagle ad. it was a while ago. great way to bust out from the mainstream, people are talking about it. yes.

>> you have hintded there's more to come. is there something along these lines?

>> we think of it as a journey, this is the first installment. next week is a secondary release. for all of our customers that have come along with us there will be a great reveal.

>> did you have any reservations when you set out on this campaign, because when you get the close-up shot, i mean -- it's a cheeky campaign, shall we put it that way?

>> cheeky is a great way to put it. we knew we were putting ourselves out there, but even through the edit and filtering process we had to be cautious of what we were showing but we think we landed in a good spot.

>> nick and jillian are here. how long did it take to you get?

>> it takes about two and a half, almost three hours to go through the entire process so if you wait tables or if you're on your feet all the time you're not moving so you're standing straight.

>> is it itchy?

>> no, feels like they're not even there.

>> you're wearing underwear, right?

>> yes.

>> i think everybody at home is wondering.

>> underwear.

>> so you think this is a brilliant campaign?

>> i do and we've seen more than that on tv on a regular basis. i don't think it's not safe. it's fine and funny and it gets people talking and i george tee you whether we know it or not there's going to be a run in american eagle stores, can i buy spray paint ? there will be people who don't realize it's not real.

>> on ebay after the segment.

>> we have the same idea.

>> bob and peter thank you so much and nick and jillian, i guess have a great weekend.