TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

Ambitious Emanuel brothers: ‘Don’t try this at home’

The high-achieving Emanuel brothers are an American success story – times three. Rahm, the mayor of Chicago; Zeke, the prominent doctor, and Ari, the Hollywood mogul, sit down with NBC’s Brian Williams for a rare joint interview about Zeke’s new book, “Brothers Emanuel.”

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>>> back now at 8:39 with an american success story times three. brian williams recently sat down for a rare and exclusive joint interview with the emmanuel brothers , rahm , zeek and ari and oh brother, did he get an earful.

>> the emmanuel brothers , three super achievers, raised under the same roof. the big city mayor, the hollywood super agent , and the medical bioethicist, and if you're going to sit down with all three brothers at once, be ready, bring your best game, because it's not for the feint of heart.

>> wait, i have my view.

>> no, no, no, no, mr. mayor, stay.

>> it was the first time since zeek and i bonded, we beat the hell out of rahm . i'm sitting with you guys, you want me to calm down? you think i'm crazy?

>> we're at a bar in new york because the doctor, the oldest brother has written a book. it's really an agent, a doctor and a mayor walk into a bar. it's really a bad joke what i'm living here. doctor, why did you write this book?

>> two reasons. the first reason is i began assembling storage for my daughters, wanted to, getting to the age i wanted to pass on family lore and get it right, and the second is we all begin getting questions of what did mom put in the cereal, how come you have three successful brothers in three different areas and how did that happen and how can i raise my kids that way.

>> and after that interview somebody will say how do i not raise my kids that way.

>> this is not a manual.

>> this is only the emmanuel manual.

>> it would be dangerous, don't try this at home.

>> exactly.

>> there is much more in our conversation with these three brothers , zeek, the doctor, rahm , the mayor, ari, the hollywood super agent , including all the things you might want to think about before you go up against the emmanuel brothers .

>> somebody crosses us or somebody crosses a friend, they know we're going to be in the trench, if it's appropriate, and i promise you that we're going to be on their side and it's going to be a battle, and i think that is also loyal. so there's how we treat people but also if somebody screws with one of us or a friend or a company that we will be there to defend it, and that's also how we grew up.

>> zeek's new book is called appropriately enough " brothers emmanuel " and you can see more of that on "rock center with