TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

What’s new in entertainment, celeb gossip, style

Joe Levy of Billboard magazine, E!’s Jason Kennedy, and Bahar Takhtehchian talk about the latest news in their fields of entertainment, celebrity gossip, and style, including the release of The Strokes’ new album, Ryan Gosling’s hiatus from acting, and hot spring shoes.

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>> thanks very much.

>>> it's friday and we have a special edition of "what's new, what's up, what's in" to get you ready for the first weekend of spring, from movies to hot fashions. wet get started with what's new in the world offent tynment, joe leavy of "billboard" magazine, "the croods" tell me about them.

>> it's an animated movie in 3-d, a prehistoric family who want to be safe in their cave but their rebellious daughter wants to go out and explore.

>> is this for adults and children? ?

>> this is really a kids film. adults will like the way it looks and frankly they've spent a lot of time getting the 3-d animation right. you might wish they spent more time on the story.

>> tina fey and paul rudd , they have a new movie.

>> it's got a little more substance. tina fey is a princeton admissions officer, all about getting into college and also about family.

>> not a date night movie but "olympus has fallen" trouble at the white house and this seems like a shoot 'em up from start to finish.

>> not only does it seem a shoot 'em up, it seems a little bit like "die hard" a butter in the white house , a secret service agent, the white house has been captured. the president, what's going to happen?

>> i got the message. let's go to music, blake shelton , start with him.

>> based on a true story this is his eighth record it comes out next tuesday that's the day after "the voice" premieres. wow, what great timing.

>> great timing, that's very smart. "the strokes."

>> they have a new album called "come down machine" kick-started the rock 'n' roll revival, this is the best record they've made since their first record. and depeche mode .

>> 13th studio album "delta machine" it's a blues record actually and i liked epeche mode when i was a kid.

>> a lot happening in the theaters and with music. joe thank you very much. savannah has the rest.

>>> what's up when it comes to celebrities and newsmakers. ryeon gosling quitting acting? say it isn't so.

>> three women just passed out in the corner and a cameraman, that's weird. if he wants to reassess things, he's lost perspective. he's been acting since he was 8 years old on "the mickey mouse club ." we can expect one movie before he disappears.

>> he wants to take a break, not quit forever.

>> he hasn't said how long but maybe a few months.

>>> jessica chastain has a new ad campaign overseas. when i was in rome i saw it everywhere.

>> it's for ysl and she wrote she saw her billboard campaign and had to take a photo right there in front of it. it was embarrassing but exciting. keep in mind she's been in a lot of great movies and gotten awards but she's still new to the game.

>> she's very appreciative so she was saying she's sort of geeked out a bit.

>> she's a lovely person.

>> kelly osborne , people were worried because she fainted on the set of " fashion police ."

>> i was at work that day, happened about two weeks ago, fainted during a tapele of " fashion police " went to the hospital for five days. on wednesday she tweeted she got the all clear from her doctor, she shot " fashion police " yesterday and it's going to air tonight on ex-!. they don't know what caused the seizure. we wish her nothing but the best.

>> she put four exclamation points.

>> women tend to do that.

>> i do two but four means you're really happy.

>> sends the message. justin timberlake ?

>> he has the midas touch . "mirrors" came out, a tribute to his grandparents, they were together for 63 years, his grandfather passed away sadly in december but it's a tear-jerker, it's eight minutes long but he's only in the last two minutes of the video, so grab some tissues, it can be a little sad. he's getting to gear up for a tour with jay-z in the summer so he's rockin' it.

>> jason kennedy from e! thank you so much. now here's natalie.

>>> last but not least what's in and trending in fashion and beauty. bahar from "shape" magazine good morning.

>> good morning.

>> the tweets, the new munchies du jour, flavored popcorn.

>> gourmet popcorn is popping up everywhere and the flavors are amazing. for example there's sun dried toma tomato, garlic rosemary, spicy or savory.

>> i like these dark chocolate and caramel.

>> this is quinn pop, flavor is lemon and sea salt .

>> delicious. moving on to teas, we've come a long way from earl greys.

>> you can get savory teas, it comes in vegetable inspiration, tomato mint, spinach and chive.

>> ooh.

>> it's a great way to hold you over in between snacks, you can do fruity teas and dessert inspired teas like red velvet cake .

>> sounds delicious. for moisturizers it's spray-on.

>> hydrating on the go, these are from vaseline. you can take these to the gym, you shower and put it on, h2o plus.

>> easier to apply or the wipe.

>> a wipe is great for traveling, spring break is coming up.

>> what is this, new technology, it's sort of a facelift without botox?

>> it's from biobliss, you stick this on, after 30 minutes it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.