TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

3 dead in Virginia marine base shooting

Three Marines – two men and one woman – are dead after a shooting on a Marine base in Quantico, Va., including the suspected shooter. Authorities are indicating the shooting was a result of a relationship dispute. NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski reports.

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>> just beginning to piece together what led to a deadly shooting at the marine corps base in quantico, virginia.

>> an initial shooting, the shpt b suspect barricading himself inside the barracks. nick micklezewski, what can you tell us?

>> reporter: three marines are dead, two men, one woman in what officials are describing as some kind of personal dispute and what several marines are calling a relationship that involved a love triangle . now at about 11:00 last night, one of the male marines shot another one to death in one of the barracks. he then fled to a separate set of barracks, while the base was on lockdown, he barricaded himself in a room, and that barracks, about a fwith a female marine. four hours later, officials entered the room, found both marines dead, the woman apparently shot by the gunman who died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in a murder/suicide. the entire base was locked down for hours. it's up and running again this morning, but obviously the quantico marine base is in total shock.

>> we just ask for everyone's prayers and thoughts for the families who are affected by this tragedy and we ask also that you give us time so we can sort out the details and get you guys the accurate information.

>> reporter: all three of the marines are believes to be enlisted. they were instructors at the officers' candidate school. gun was found on the scene, a handgun believed to be a personal weapon . the investigation is under way, matt.

>> jim micklezewski? quantico thank you.