TODAY   |  March 22, 2013

Alleged killer of prison official shot in car chase

Police believe a suspect who was killed in a wild car chase and shootout with police was the man who gunned down Tom Clements, the head of Colorado’s prison system, at his front door. Authorities are investigating a possible link to a white supremacist prison gang. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> brazen murder of a colorado prison official. nbc's kristen dahlgren is following developments from monument, colorado , this morning. kristen , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning, savannah. lot of twists and turns since we spoke yesterday starting with that high-speed chase and gun battle hundreds of miles from here. it was a wild chase and shoot-out, but in the end, it may provide the answers colorado investigators have been looking for. two days after tom clements , the head of colorado 's prison system was gunned down at his own front door, investigators suspect this may have been the end of a violent crime spree by a man sources tell nbc affiliate kusa is colorado parolee and known white supremacist evan spencer evil. colorado officials traveled to texas to determine definitively if the crimes are linked. the case gained nationwide attention on tuesday night when clements was gunned down after opening his front door. at the time a dark car was seen idling outside, then thursday a ten-hour drive from clements' home in colorado in montague county , texas , authorities came under a dark sedan.

>> there are descriptions of the car that matched.

>> reporter: as more police officers crossed his path he opened fire again.

>> when he came by me he was i would say going around 100 miles per hour, had his left arm out the window and he was just shooting.

>> reporter: after colliding with an 18-wheeler, authorities say the suspect got out and kept firing until officers shot him.

>> we've been told that he is basically legally deceased.

>> reporter: but inside the mangled car may be one more clue into the suspect's final days. pizza delivery uniform, the denver police believe may be linked to the murder of a domino's deliveryman on sunday. that pizza deliverman man was 27-year-old nathan leon. his family has been struggling to figure out why anyone would kill the father. one theory is that uniform is why tom clements opened the door. authorities from several agencies on the ground in texas this morning waiting for ballistics test , savannah.

>> kristen dahlgren, thank you. on