TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Make this marvelous matzo ball soup

To help celebrate Passover, Jenny Levison, Atlanta’s “Souper Diva,” shows TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest host Whitney Cummings how to make a tasty matzo ball soup and fresh spinach and zucchini latkes.

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>> of those goodies. i regifted this. this is something that someone gave to me. i used it for a basket. but don't tell anyone.

>> now they know.

>> sprinkles, which is my stripper name, actually.

>> a passover feast in the kitchen.

>> and lots of something -- matzo spear south and latkes.

>> first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> time to take you into today's kitchen to find out what's cooking now. we've got a traditional passover meal on the stove.

>> jewish families will gather on the table for passover seders that usually include matzo ball soup .

>> here to show us how it is done, is the soup diva of atlanta, her name is jenny levinson.

>> jenny would say she's built small and short, so someone decided to get on her knees.

>> it's the shiksa, wendy.

>> i'm a very good person.

>> it's whitney .

>> i want people to know my name.

>> what are you cooking?

>> we're going for the matzo ball soup here. first we're going to make chicken stock .

>> first whitney --

>> not wendy.

>> kathie lee , we're going to put everything in there. we'll put the whole chicken in, we have some carrots, celery, onion. that's what i do.

>> just add the liquid into that.

>> hoda, take care of her, will you?

>> i can't.

>> so how much water are you pouring in.

>> water, three inches over all the veggies.

>> this is, don't put the pitcher in, just put the water.

>> i can totally do this.

>> pepper corns ?

>> that's for decoration. you'll bring that to a boil and let it simmer for about 45 minutes to an hour. take all the good stuff, the chicken out, and cool down your chicken stock , put it in the refrigerator overnight and then start making our matzo balls .

>> i am offended.

>> part of the matzo balls , we're going to take the schmaltz off. this is the chicken fat , and we'll add it to eggs, we've got our matzo meal , a little salt and some water.

>> i need to get a jewish husband. so i need to really watch this.

>> i'll set you up after the show.

>> and then this is going to be for whitney . she's going to love this. get your hands a little wet.

>> well, you can do it.

>> careful.

>> and i'm going to bring you this. now the trick to making good matzo balls is not to work the balls too much.

>> by the way i'm very good at this. how do you think i got a tv show .

>> so all you do, you're working your ball too much.

>> stay on course, stay on course, people.

>> you make these nice round spheres. and then you put it in your boiling stock. but we've added more carrots, celery, onion.

>> let it go, honey. put it in the soup.

>> put it in the soup.

>> put it in my mouth?

>> no, i know.

>> we've got the carrot, celery and onion. and we have this gorgeous soup at the end.

>> this is delicious, let's try this.

>> these are fabulous sort of a healthy version of a potato latke. it's got spinach and some zucchini.

>> she's like, these are for animals.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> that's amazing.

>> and the soup is good.

>> that's great.

>> great for passover . i want to give a big thank you --

>> to all the lawyers for nbc.

>> whitney .

>> i am now banned from television forever.

>> this may be our final show, but anyway, i want to thank you, and tomorrow,