TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

6 creative Easter baskets under $20

Deborah Stumm, founder of, shows how you can make colorful and creative Easter baskets with fun themes for kids who are sports fans, aspiring gardeners, or enjoy pampering themselves.

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>> candy, but with a little imagination you can create a theme for the little ones in your life, which i'll never have.

>> all for less than $20. debra thumb is the founder of these are all creative interesting new ideas. can you do them on the cheap?

>> absolutely. super mom 360, we're all about real moms and the reality is most of us are on a budget, right? these are all great baskets, most of the containers you can find in your house already. and all of the contents are under $20.

>> this looks cute for the little athlete in the house.

>> this is the fit and fun basket. we filled it with all sorts of great goodies. instead of candy, let's skip it and do granola bars and trail mix . with my kids, i got healthy little kids.

>> they love it. it's good for them.

>> tennis spears? do not say that word, it is a dirty word .

>> what's up here?

>> for the little diva in our lives, this is the beauty basket. look at all this stuff. just go to your local dollar store , filled with all sorts of --

>> i have a lot of dollar bills --

>> for my night job.

>> yeah.

>> and are we allowed to talk about money?

>> i think we decided we are.

>> we can talk about the dollar bills .

>> be careful, this could get expensive if you have a real diva on your hands who wants to you go to one of the fs. very cute.

>> you can build this out depending on the age of your kids, all sorts of fun things, glitter glue and sidewalk chalk and make things a little educational so they can learn something.

>> a little bin you can get from your drug store .

>> my easter basket was like an ashtray. that's what i got.

>> that one's coming. hopefully we'll make it to that one. and then we've got our green thumb basket. this is fun. with spring, it's here. it's warmer in san diego where i'm from. i have to tell you.

>> this is i know, a little chilly.

>> can you use it for your hair.

>> and shampoo.

>> and we do have one little candy item, little gummy worms to go with it lots of cute stuff here. and then this works in san diego , here it's wishful thinking, but we'll get there eventually. we have our fun in the sun, fill it with little beach toys and sunglasses and we have of course, swedish fish .

>> are those in there? yes.

>> those --

>> they're just your size.

>> why are these my size? these are for like a 5-year-old. am i a shrinking person?

>> your head is small.

>> it was all of those clinical trials i did to pay for college. i'm like benjamin button , i'm getting smaller.

>> and last we have our baker-to-be basket. this is for the aspiring chef. all of those shows are all the rage these days. you fill it with cake mix and frosting and sprinkles and all of those goodies. i regifted this. this is something that someone gave to me. i used it for a basket. but don't tell anyone.

>> now they know.

>> sprinkles, which is my stripper name, actually.

>> a passover feast in the kitchen.

>> and lots of something -- matzo spear south and latkes.

>> first, this is "today" on nbc.

>> time to take you into today's kitchen to find out what's cooking now. we've got a traditional passover meal on the stove.

>> jewish families will gather on the table for passover seders that usually include matzo ball soup.

>> here to show us how it is done, is the