TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Friend uses pudding for poopy diaper prank

TODAY’s Sara Haines shows off a funny YouTube video of a guy who screams at the sight of dirty diapers getting pranked by his friend who fills a diaper with chocolate pudding and shows it to him.

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>> love it. diaper prank.

>> that's what you like.

>> what do you do when your friend is afraid of changing a baby? when you're jason hunter , you surprise him with a "dirty diaper." that's what it looks like. it's actually chocolate pudding . spoiler alert .

>> jason ! jason ! i'm.

>> i'm not kidding, dude. flush it.

>> chocolate poudring in a diaper. this guy literally has a phobia.

>> it's just --

>> he starts screaming.

>> a www w!

>> he swears he could smell a dirty diaper.

>> jason ! no!

>> i don't know.

>> go, man.

>> he literally is squealing at some point.

>> you know when you get the drydry heaves.

>> he had himself totally convinced. when you see the baby, the baby's this adorable, innocent thing. this guy seriously has -- [ screams ]

>> look at the baby.

>> i know.