TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Is it appropriate to read ’50 Shades’ in public?

How much you should spend on a wedding gift? If you’re invited to dinner, should you pick up the tab? Robin Abrahams, columnist for The Boston Globe, gives TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest host Whitney Cummings a quiz on public etiquette.

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>>> we are back with more of "today" on this final show of ours on this thirst-day thursday, since kathie lee is out, actress and comedienne whitney cummings is here and we're about to get fooled on all sorts of etiquette for situations. are you mocking me?

>> apparently someone thought we needed an etiquette test, i can't imagine why.

>> we're going to play this game, when push comes to shove , what you do. so the master of etiquette, robin abrams is here, she'll put us to the test. she's a columnist for the "" boston globe "" magazine and

the author of miss conduct: mind over matters."

>> are you ready?

>> yes.

>> first question, it is not polite to talk about money. through or false ?

>> true.

>> excuse me. that was not polite.

>> so the answer is true.

>> it's rude --

>> to talk about money?

>> i had no idea.

>> false , it is not rude to talk about money.

>> we need to do a grammar quiz of this show.

>> i did not know we were going to get hung up with a double-negative right away.

>> you're not supposed to?

>> you're not supposed to, but it's not rude.

>> how else are you supposed to find a husband. i need to see your tax returns, your income statements?

>> it's all about due diligence.

>> question number two, i am single and i received a wedding invitation and i received a wedding invitation addressed only to moi, may i call and ask if i can bring my boyfriend, yes or no.

>> i'm going to be single forever, so this doesn't apply to me. yes.

>> yes, what?

>> true.

>> true what? you can or cannot.

>> you can call.

>> you cannot.

>> how dare you.

>> you're not allowed to call and bring a plus one?

>> no.

>> bring them anyway, who cares.

>> you also don't have to bring a gift.

>> good to know, that's obvious.

>> it's still 0-0. the worst game ever .

>> number three, it is appropriate to discuss a co-worker's body hair on live television , true or false ?

>> a co-worker's what?

>> body hair .

>> oh, true! love it!

>> false .

>> i started to say false , and i get a point.

>> all right. 0-0, again.

>> a wedding gift should cost about as much as the per-guest price of the wedding itself, true or false ?

>> false .

>> what did you say?

>> thank you.

>> if a train is going 50 miles an hour --

>> you still tip your waiter 20%, it's that simple.

>> this one, i know you guys are going to get this one, true or false . it brightens a woman's day when a strange man tells her to -- smile, baby?

>> that's the worst.

>> true or false ?

>> do they have money? is this a stranger? am i working?

>> i was not told this was going to be one of the remedial quiz shows.

>> it's --

>> i thought --

>> no more college bowl level.

>> no one ever wants to hear someone say, smile, baby.

>> hey, everybody, like me on facebook.

>> everybody give whitney validation, please, so she'll stop hitting things. if i see somebody double-dipping at a party. i should discreetly mention it to the hostess.

>> double dip with the sauce.

>> it sounds very sexual.

>> i hate to steal it, but you're not supposed to say anything to the host about, or to the person about double-dipping.

>> not to the person, but you should say something to the host. it's the hygiene measure, especially in the flu season.

>> let's do the last one, double or nothing.

>> what do you do --

>> i'm going to get a point --

>> true or false ?

>> false .

>> wrong.

>> it was true.

>> i won.

>> the loser gets the prize.

>> the loser gets the prize.

>> oh, my goodness.

>> look what i get?

>> a used copy of this book.

>> read it, live it.

>> we all know i'm illiterate, do you have a book on tape?