TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Head south of the border with fish tacos

Chef Aaron Sanchez shares a dish from his own Mexican heritage, cooking up grilled grouper tacos with chipotle agave glaze.

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>> one! the power of the "name your price" tool.

>>> this morning in "today's" kitchen, melting pot sizzling fish tacos. he's known for his judging skills on the food network shows like "chopped" and "chopped all stars," he's here sharing a lighter spin. welcome.

>> thank you for having me. i'm delighted to be here and i want to enlighten everyone on a traditional dish.

>> you're making grouper fish tacos, right?

>> well, it's a firm fish and we have one here that's a whole filet. you want to make sure it's firm, no smell, it has to sort of smell of the ocean. and i think it takes flavors really well. in this case we'll use a little chipotle down the road. and we're going to cook it in such a way and skewer it so it's easy to eat.

>> in there like that.

>> exactly.

>> and then you're going to put it on a hot griddle.

>> and this has a little oil on it. and a little salt.

>> okay.

>> and just season it like that.

>> you're making a great chipotle.

>> exactly. just a little bit of salt to bring out the inherent flavor. and then you can put some on the top. look at you go.

>> i've got a future on "chopped." the first one chopped.

>> exactly. what we have to use is a glaze. a little bit of chipotle, a wonderful dry smoked jalapeno.

>> not all that spicy, right?

>> no. it's about a four on the scale of ten. lime zest. here's a wonderful honey substitute, a sugar agave nectar and a little bit of cilantro. and some residual oil from the roasted garlic and the cloves. nothing better and sweeter in the world than roasted garlic. and once we have that, we're going to zap it up.

>> okay.

>> you're a pro at this.

>> yeah.

>> you get the idea.

>> make that glaze, right? so these are still going.

>> exactly.

>> how long does it take to cook through? because you want it to be not rubber.

>> yes, you can always tell because it's going to be firm to the touch. and before, big mistake people make at home, as well, they put on their barbecue sauce too soon. just glaze a little bit like that. and once we have that nice and seasoned, what we're going to do, take this over here to the plates and we're going to start to assemble some tacos, okay.

>> all right. easy enough.

>> no big deal . we'll turn that off. and this is a real important part, natalie, when you're making tacos is how they're assembled and all the different layers of flavors. we're going to take a couple tortill tortillas. always corn. it's better for you. the only time you use flour -- these are hot. a little bit of that, the glaze is already there. and if you could be so kind as a nice spoonful.

>> all right.

>> and i used the skewers for this reason. when you can remove it like that, it's super easy to eat.

>> that, the mango, little arugula.

>> cilantro, radish, a couple here i've done. sometimes you can go with an avocado.

>> love avocados. yep.

>> and i'll catch up because i'm behind the game a little bit.

>> pickled onions.

>> that sounds delicious.

>> and this is one of those recipes really user friendly, use them whole.

>> grouper is such a mild flavored fish. now, you also have over here, what is that?

>> a little zucchini apple salad dressed with a little bit of peruvian chiles. all great stuff.

>> before we take a bite, i'll say thank you. a call out, by the way, to all the chefs out there. we are starting a new feature on our website where we are displaying the dishes you cook at home. if you make these tacos or any recipe you see on "today," take a photo, tell us what it is and tweet it with the hash tag cooking with today or go to and your picture will be featured on our website.