TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

6 baby skin and hair products adults will love

Not all baby products are created equally, but some are made so well they even work wonders on adult skin and hair. Lori Bergamotto of Lucky magazine shares some of the products she often finds herself stealing from her little girl.

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>>> this morning on "today's" beauty, baby products that are great for adults. everything from sunscreen to face cream and lip balm . the contributing editor for "lucky" magazine. good morning.

>> good morning. it's very specific. how does this work for adults, as well?

>> well, you can actually steal products from your kids. we encourage it. i want to say at the top, these things aren't going to reverse wrinkles because they don't have those potent ingredients in them. as you mentioned, they're really good for sensitive skin , hypoallergenic skin because they don't have parabins.

>> i have been known to use when my kids were babies this on me, as well.

>> this is the product kicked off the whole trend. this super sensitive sunscreen. it's $39.99. and what's so great about it, most adult sunscreens are chemical sun block so that can really irritate sensitive skin . this is a physical blocker, so it has titanium dioxide which is like that thicker --

>> the whiter stuff.

>> and that is a physical blocker, super sensitive. steal that from your kids, especially for your face. this is one that i, being a mom of a 1-year-old, i'm obsessed with. this is tickle time. putting sunscreen on them can be like wrestling a worm. it's so difficult.

>> the eyes and whatever.

>> pick this up. you can see the bloom of powder. this is powdered sunscreen. and what's interesting about this. a recent study was done that showed that most skin cancers , doctors are finding that on the left side of adult faces and on hands because when you're driving. this is the perfect thing for a mom to keep in her car because with lotion it gets greasy, on the wheel. and there's a debate about whether or not the heat leaving it in the plastic in the heat changes the composition. that's a great thing --

>> tell me about this cream.

>> i love this cream. it's really soothing. a lot of dermatologists are finding what ages us is irritation, skin irritation. so you want something that's really calming. this is the perfect thing because a lot of calming really nourishing ointments can clog your skin. it's very soothing, but also antiacne.

>> smells so fresh.

>> for under $13. whole foods, yes.

>> wonderful. tell me about the balm.

>> so this has no artificial ingredients. it's incredible.

>> for diaper rash specifically.

>> it is. you know how rough those can get.

>> where are we using this?

>> anywhere. for razor burn it's amazing, cuticles, all over head to toe , really affordable, as well, under $13. this is a make-up --

>> i'm a fan of these.

>> yeah. this is a make-up artist's save. every editor at "lucky" has one of these in her bag. under $10, super nourishing great for lips and cheeks.

>> this is designed for mom and baby. it has shea butter in it and unlike most lotions for adults, it's quick drying, fast absorbing and super nourishing.

>> and then finally over here, we've got the --

>> if you have color-treated hair or any kind of treated hair. you heat, style, treatment, you don't want to use things, it's super affordable again.

>> okay.

>> and this i love, coconut oil , leaves hair really shiny. it's all natural, just has coconut oil in it. super clear. i'm going to put a little bit on my ends. really nice and shiny. can use it even on stretch marks.

>> fantastic. love it. thanks so much.

>> thank you so much.