TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Martha Stewart gets artistic with Easter eggs

Whether you’re looking for an elegant centerpiece for an Easter brunch or colorful eggs to decorate with your kids, Martha Stewart shares a few of her most egg-cellent decorating tips.

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>> and we're back at 8:51 with martha . fun and festive ways to decorate your easter eggs . martha stewart is here with a few of her ideas straight from the pages of " martha stewart living ."

>> good morning. we have so many great easter basket ideas. and easter is early this year. so there's not going to be much hunting in the snow, i don't think.

>> that's right.

>> it's nice to make really nice projects inside and maybe have a little easter basket give away at your house or make some pretty centerpieces.

>> cool.

>> the first one, you're going off type here, we see pastels.

>> i know, but how beautiful. these look like those fantastic eggs that are done with wax and elaborate process. well, this is transfer. choose your imagery and we have a lot of stuff in magazines you can print on to a transfer paper . that's commonly available. and then cut them out and i'm having them soaking here in the water. and here is an egg and the transfer comes right off the paper. look --

>> kind of like one of the kids tattoos.

>> oh, it is, it is, and it's so easy to apply. make sure you use some of this nice spray adhesive. and then, once it's dry, you lacquer it with a brush on water lacquer.

>> they really are pretty, martha .

>> aren't they gorgeous?

>> hard boiled or blown out?

>> either.

>> tell us about this large egg.

>> these are cardboard eggs that were traditionally used like in germany and different places in europe for candy. the kids were given these beautifully decorated eggs. so we took the cardboard, painted them with a nice color and then when you put a little bit, you can do that one if you'd like.

>> okay.

>> put a little bit of this glue.

>> yes.

>> water glue on the egg and then glitter.

>> oh, cute.

>> really embellishes them beautifully.

>> great.

>> just a clear glitter, all available at the craft store.

>> all right.

>> and see how pretty?

>> do you brush off the excess? or it falls off?

>> it falls off. beautiful. you have to cover every single --

>> oh, martha .

>> i've embellished these with beautiful things you can buy at the notion store.

>> and you get to use a hot glue gun .

>> mind your ps and qs, my friend.

>> these are so cute too. these wooden eggs, these are good craft budgets for kids. the kids can hold the egg like this and you can paint the whole egg. why don't you paint it a pretty color.

>> what kind of paint do you use?

>> this is a craft paint. it's satin finish.

>> okay.

>> once they're dried like that, then you can apply -- and look at these cute punches. look, look. hold it this way. these are bunny punches. my granddaughter is using these punches, she's only 2 and can do them.

>> gluing them right on there?

>> and just glue it on the egg with the nice water glue.

>> okay.

>> and put the glue here and pick up your little rabbit.

>> and then you use cardboard things to shield the paint and allow them to dry.

>> and dry that on there like that. and the kids will have such a great time.

>> i don't want to miss this one. talk about this with the cartons.

>> yeah, this is beautiful. clear eggs. now, i have eggs that are made this color, do you know that?

>> i've seen your hen house .

>> you want to make them look like wild duck eggs or something, take a toothbrush like this and dip it in and keep the egg right here. i use upsidedown egg cartons, whatever. and you can go like that. too much paint on there.

>> you're speckling them.

>> speckling them. you can use your finger too if you want and speckle colors. and they turn more naturally.

>> she wasn't kidding. she has chickens that lay wild-colored eggs.

>> pretty.

>> and you can apply these stickers on to your eggs. they just stick right on and they look so pretty.

>> you did a great job as always.

>> what fun.