TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

How to make windows sparkle without streaks

TODAY contributor George Oliphant offers expert tips on how to get your windows crystal clear, from the best time to clean them to the most effective cleaning solutions.

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>> this morning.

>> thank you.

>> be still my heart.

>> natalie, please.

>> hello george.

>> well, david, i'm sure you've had plenty of fans, fingerprints, smudges on the windows. you've had to clean your windows.

>> i have. yes, i have.

>> you're okay with rolling up your sleeves and helping?

>> no, i'm not. i've nominated matt.

>> no, we're going to fight over that at the end. show us how to do it right.

>> all right. so basically a lot of people go with the paper towel and your glass cleaner, that's not the right way. what you want to do is go with 50/50 white vinegar and water and put it in a spray bottle or literally just a few drops --

>> let me make sure --

>> literally a few drops of dish detergent.

>> why is that better, though?

>> this, if you think about when you're doing your dishes, you get streak-free, don't get the water spots, mix that up in a bucket. newspaper, if you use newspaper instead of paper towels , you're not going to leave any residue. and i've got a whole set-up here. first thing you want to do -- give you one of these. i know you're a neat freak.

>> you put a towel down here sometimes, right?

>> always -- right here. i've got one right here. you want to dust it off. don't want dust and dirt on there.

>> i've got to tell you something, you look good with that. you look good with that. really do. you know the best time of day to wash your windows?

>> i do not.

>> george?

>> you want to do your window washing in the morning or evening, otherwise there's a hot sun, you're going to get streaks.

>> there you go.

>> i think you guys are good. paper towels , no, newspaper or even better squeegee. i was noticing the windows in spots. i've got two big sponges here.

>> here we go. we've got a dirty window here.

>> all right.

>> squeegee.

>> okay.

>> all right. guys -- david. did you get hit?

>> yeah. quick reflexes.

>> all right. are you guys ready?

>> are you guys ready? start the clock. go. and we've got savannah here to judge. squeegee there you are. you're going over your line.

>> okay. okay.

>> matt -- you've been doing