TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Obama chides Chuck Todd for too many questions

After NBC’s Chuck Todd asked one too many questions at a press conference with President Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Obama called him “incorrigible” and Netanyahu advised, “Don’t hog it.”

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>>> to the president's trip to the middle east for a moment. the president and prime minister netanyahu, as we know, don't always agree.

>> that's right. but during the news conference on wednesday, both men thought that one persistent reporter was pushing his luck after he asked not one, not two, not three, but four questions. take a look.

>> mr. president, i'm going to follow up a little bit on the peace process , and mr. prime minister, i want to help out my colleague over here and another question i have for you.

>> chuck, how many you got? you see how the young lady from channel 1 had one question. she was very well behaved , chuck.

>> i've got one for you.

>> these are commuter questions.

>> i get four questions.

>> this is not a kosher question, but don't hog it.

>> chuck, i mean, you're incorrigible.

>> david, sum up the news that just emerged from that event.

>> well, that chuck todd included dietary law , passover in his question i think is news and significant and something they'll be talking about in jerusalem.

>> well, chuck, actually we didn't have your best line there. when the president was saying you were asking too many questions you noted it was, in fact, passover, you were asking the four questions.

>> reporter: well, you know, savannah, why was this -- why was that press conference different from all other press conferences? at most press conferences the president answers six questions, at this press conference, just four. normal "today" show hits, you dip into me once.

>> we're going to call this to a close right now. you're filibustering here, as well.

>> exactly.

>> the only thing different, chuck, was your defense, usually you say it's one question with four parts. this time you had religious reasons.

>> well done. we're proud of you.