TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Spring has sprung! How to start your garden

If you want to mark the first day of spring by finally planting that spring garden of your dreams, you’re going to want to know the basics. HGTV’s Chris Lambton, host of “Going Yard,” shows Hoda Kotb and Anthony Anderson tips and tricks for getting those flowers in the ground properly.

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>>> it is the first day of spring, which means it is time to enjoy the outdoors again. one way to do that is start by gardening.

>> with tips on how to keep your flowers blooming is chris lampton.

>> he's host of hgtv's "going yard."

>> it's true.

>> in new york, it's cold.

>> if you're here in the northeast right now, you're not thinking about planting that much, but in reality it's good time to start planning.

>> should you start planting or wait?

>> wait until it's warmer. my brother is working right now, and he's not having fun . it's cold outside.

>> i just joined my community gardening area, bought a plot, so this will come in handy.

>> raise planters are going, because you can control the soil. a plat needs nutrients, so a raised planter is great, so put a great potting soil in there the a lot of them come with all the nutrients your plants need. that's why the begonacy look beautiful. it's great for a raised planter.

>> how far apart should you plant them?

>> common problem. people like immediate gratification, and they put them closing, and they don't think a month or two down.

>> and then the roots get intertwined.

>> here's what i recommend for your new plot. do you like to cook?

>> i go.

>> plants some herbs and veggies.

>> you go right in there.

>> i know you have a nice suit.

>> i'm going to get dirty.

>> i have some gloves for you.

>> when you're planting, put whatever you like to eat. i have rosemary over here, parsley, lettuce. lettuce is great. it's easy to grow, it grows like a weed. i love to make spinach smoothies, i'm really into that, so i have a lo the of spinach in my garden.

>> where is rosemary?

>> oh, that's too big.

>> i have a couple shovels. if you want some lettuce, when you put this lettuce in there, it's a small cartridge right now, but it will get nice and big, easy to grow. don't put it too deep. otherwise you choke the plants out. see you are naturals.

>> a little space in between.

>> you have thetime -- thyme in there.

>> a lot of water -- do they have to be in total night?

>> another thing about raised planters, you can put them wherever you want. put them in nice full sun. anthony, that's too deep. you'll choke out the vine.

>> now, in terms of your raised planter, how deep should the box be? well -- are you having fun with the dirt?

>> you know what? just a quick one.

>> at least a foot deep