TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Where did ‘no soup for you’ come from?

Which late-night host is the executive producer of a prime-time comedy? What show did the famous line “no soup for you” come from? TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest host Anthony Anderson, along with Tim Stack from Entertainment Weekly, test viewers’ knowledge about funny guys on TV and in the movies.

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>>> we're back with more. it's time to play "who knew?" my co-host, who is across the street promised he would deliver on our facebook page. i'm going to go to sarah real quick and we'll find out.

>> we started at about 527,000, we hid 529,000, but i don't know if -- i think he might be talking big.

>> okay, anthony ?

>> bring it independents start beating the drums.

>> i'm going to beat the drums.

>> now we're going to play "who knew?" of course anthony is right at the experience store. he hayes 100 bucks to the guys and girls who get the answers right. if they don't, they gee one of kathie lee 's fabulous cds.

>> i'll get my 12 facebook people to follow you too. mom? mom?

>> finish this quote, from the movie "achkor man" starring will ferrell -- you stay classy --

>> never --

>> stop! they can't help you.

>> never trashy?

>> sorry, you lost. but you win by getting kathie lee and friends.

>> oh, the correct answer is you stay classy, san diego .

>> but never trashy is very true, little girl . very wise little girl . from anchor man, the will ferrell comedy, huge hit movie where he played ron burgundy . the sequel is coming out this christmas. harrison ford is in it, playing like a tom brokaw characterivities i like it.

>> finish the lyrics to the theme song from this comedy which starred will smith . this is a story about how my life

>> town of bel air . ding ding ding. you win $100 gift certificate from american express .

>> yay!

>> that is an old classic.

>> that is a classic. i love it. obviously it's the fresh prince of bel air theme song when launched will smith 's acting career. he was a rapper. that moment of silence for dj jazzy jeff .

>> back controlling to anthony .

>> these people are cheating.

>> requests the hangover."

>> you two win $100 gift certificate from visa gold.

>> i like how he does it.

>> "the hangover" is the movie. the wolf pack obviously, it was, you know, obviously about the worst bachelor party ever. the sequel to this, "hangover 3" the trilogy comes out this memorial day . they're back in vegas for it.

>> they all do well.

>> they're huge, huge movies.

>> anthony ?

>> which late-night television host is also the executive producer of nbc's comedy "guys with kids" which also i start in. jimmy kimmel , jimmy fallon , jay leno or david letterman ?

>> jimmy fallon .

>> yes! you win a gift certificate from american express for $100, and an c disd from kathie lee and friends.

>> the crowd is wild. jimmy fallon ?

>> yes, he sings the theme song .

>> he does?

>> yes.

>> i didn't know that.

>> i'm educating you.

>> i'm so helpful.

>>> which television character said this would -- -- would i rather be feared or loved? easy, both. i want people to be afraid of how much they love me. who said this?

>> michael scott "the office."

>> are you sure?

>> no.