TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

5 cool toys for the boys in your life

Dan Bova from Maxim magazine shows TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and guest host Anthony Anderson a few toys that the boys in your life will love, such as solar generator kit and a product that helps guys remember to put the toilet seat down in the bathroom.

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>>> boys like to play with their toys.

>> and why not?

>>> here with the coolest contraptions is maxim magazine 's editor in chief, dan bova. how are you?

>> i'm fantastic.

>> you always come to play.

>> well, baseball season is back. these are the new era diamond collections, the hats guys will be wearing on the field while they're playing. it's a great way to start your kid on a life did not long journey of pain and suffering if he's a mets fan.

>> that's cruel.

>> the cool thing about these hats, they're light, they wick away the sweat. they have new color schemes , new emblems.

>> this is are really cool.

>> and no yankee or dodger hat.

>> or isn't there?

>> someone is taking care of you.

>> this is a high-risk game.

>> kids need play dates . so do adults. this is an ultimate toy for an ultimate playdate. this is the jagermeister shot-ski. you load it up with four shots. you guys thirsty?

>> wait. get rid of that one, we're going to dump it. 1, 2, 3, shots-ski.

>> that was apple juice .

>> no, it wasn't! you can lie if you want to, hoda. that is a ninth hole. tequila.

>> kids are addicted to i pads and all this stuff. you good out with them, your battery dies, you want to kill yourself because they are complaining nonstop. this is awesome. it's a solar panel you can hook up to your device if you're at the beach or camping, this way your kid doesn't have to enjoy nature. they can be buried in it.

>> i like how you're thinking.

>> kids like toys, i don't know if you knew that, so they will be the big ones this summer. ironman 3 is coming out. this is delightful. you press a button and it's harmful.

>> ogo there --

>> actually turn that baby on. go for it.

>> i like it. that's cool.

>> all right. and here's the splurge. what baby doesn't need a genuine leather car seat ?

>> how much is it?

>> if you have to ask, you can't afford it.

>> we have 30 seconds left.

>> and let's go -- let's end on a classy note. this is the potty mouth . it takes a couple minutes to kick in. into i have been -- basically if somebody leaves the seat up, it starts yelling. yelling what?