TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

A wine-loving cat? What the What?!

TODAY’s Sara Haines shares some of the strangest signs and goofiest photos submitted by viewers like you, including a photo of a cat doing whatever it can to get a  wine cork off and a funny cigarette butt tray.

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>>> its winesday wednesday. that means it's times for "what the what?"

>> sarah has sorted through all the. i got my camera i got my finger on the trigger

>> i had no idea. our first photo the caption from last week. the winning caption is from mariana franco -- you want me to put that thermometer where? yeah, that's right.

>> i like that one.

>> you want me to eat the baby food , what? the next photo for next week's contest will be at the end. first up from alaska, this cat should be the mascot for our fourth hour, been there, done that, probably five minutes ago during the chat. lori watts is from spring texas.

>> you just figure this out.

>> huh? am i going to get a ticket or not is what i need to know .

>>> from erin knight from sandy, utah. please put your puts here. .

>> >> it helps to trap --

>> like a little kitty litter . diane from annandale, virginia, send us this, by the dentist.

>> and if you're reporting to that dentist, do you feel comfortable or not that you're going to make it through the appointment?

>> where is she from again?

>> this was taken in honduras. not a great next-dire neighbor.

>>> our new photo for next week? go to our website, because we want to hear what you think. that's a cat with a little frog. i don't know how long the photo lasted or how long it lasted, i don't think it ends well for the frog.