TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Try Giada’s artichokes-made-easy

Chef Giada De Laurentiis celebrates spring by cooking with one of her favorite foods of the season: stuffed artichokes.

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>> giada de laurentiis is here with some of her --

>> it's freezing!

>> let's huddle!

>> you look like a little tiny baby sister .

>> i know i do.

>> it's cute.

>> i wore my highest possible heels.

>> what are we doing?

>> freezing. what we're doing is talking about --

>> freezing!

>> yes and some of my favorite herbs and ingredients so we've got great herbs, chives, beautiful lavender which i made some hot tea. you can if you wish. lots of artichokes, this is the season, they're the best ever.

>> it's not hot anymore. it was hot a while ago. i'm going to teach you how to clean artichokes. i have a sort of cheat sheet. we're going to choke the artichoke. c for, look at savannah ready.

>> i'm ready.

>> take a sharp knife, watch your fingers and cut the top off.

>> i don't think my knife is sharp.

>> you dave gave me a dull knife !

>> here can i help you?

>> no!

>> here you use one.

>> that is so mean, giada.

>> i'd never do that to you.

>> yes you did.

>> hello, chop it off. now what?

>> h, lots of lemons on hand because artichokes oxidize quickly so i squeeze it into the water and dump the woel thing in, easy. and a couple garlic cloves for flavor. h was half the lemon, i can't remember now. so "o" we'll cut the artichoke and trim it inside.

>> how is that "o"?

>> open the artichoke.

>> i need a saw.

>> mine went through. lean on the knife.

>> i'm leaning on it.

>> i have an idea you use my knife and i'll use your knife. cut them in half. now turn them flat side down and we're going to cut it again. i can use your knife. if i can do it you can do it.

>> you cut them in quarters.

>> now what?

>> that's the ogs "o."

>> got it.

>> keep cleaning, okay? so we're going to trim the inside, so all that hairy stuff, savannah, get rid of it and the little turnle leaves right there.

>> this is so much work. don't they have it at the grocery store done?

>> okay, yes. they're not usually done. i take little scissors like this, natalie you want to help us and just trim them.

>> i'm not going anywhere near these two with knifes.

>> we're adults.

>> you want to learn how to do this, it's pretty cool. you can do it like that or pull them off, cut the ends, they're not that pretty and just trim and you take them and the "e" is eat and enjoy. you cook them in there, 45 minutes until they're tender.

>> we have about 30 seconds so show them the end piece.

>> i top them with a little bruscheta and serve them room temperature.

>> do you really feel they're worth it in.

>> yes because they're delicious and good for you.

>> and in the recipe you can use frozen ones.

>> thank you, giada. have some cold tea .

>> it was fun being with you.

>> i think we learned a lot about ourselves today.

>> we can't clean, or cook or make floral arrangements.

>>> welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning, march 20th , 2013 , first day of spring and we're celebrating. we've got our spring fling out on the