TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Duchess Kate’s bump on display at charity visit

At around five and a half months, the Duchess of Cambridge’s pregnancy is suddenly much more obvious, as evidenced by a visit she and husband Prince William made to a center for grieving families. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> family is back in the news for notable public events and the duchess of cambridge is now more noticeable baby bump. nbc's any shoal kosinski is at buckingham palace , good morning to you.

>> reporter: hi, savannah. it has been an interestingly busy week for the royal family . as we speak kate is with the queen and prince phillip checking out the london underground . the queen recovered from her stomach illness and kate looking great. it was when kate was at an event with prince william it became very clear for the first time they are not just a dynamic duo , they are a trio. an event with william and kate had all cameras irresistably drawn right there, in five and a half months her pregnancy is very suddenly is very obvious. kate referencing her sweet tooth was excited to meet mary berry , iconic british baker. william also complimentary at least to mary. saying "you need to give my wife some lessons, though." meeting with families at a center that helps them deal with deaths affecting children. people here said at one point william mentioned the loss of his mother, diana . certainly not forgotten by the world either, at an auction in london this week, ten of her dresses, 1980s and '90s splendor made more than $1 million on bidders from four continents. this one in which she famously swirled with john travolta going for more than $300,000. bought by a british man as a surprise to cheer up his wife, something that might have pleased diana , as well as her son and his wife, so close now to starting their own family. it's interesting to see the diana gowns. overall they sold for less than expected but you still see that very high level of interest even after so many years. savannah?

>> michelle kosinski at buckingham palace ,