TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Ski phenom talks Missy Franklin comparisons

Mikaela Shiffrin is a name you’ll hear a lot over the next year as the young athlete takes the ski world by storm. She talks about setting her sights on Sochi and being compared to another young Olympian: swimmer Missy Franklin.

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>> members of the u.s. ski team with her sights set on next olympic games in sochi , michaela, a birthday and win the world cup in the same week. you became one of the first women to win in slalom in 39 years. where do you see yourself headed to sochi ?

>> i'm trying not to think about it too much now because the olympics is big. there's a lot of hype about it but i'm excited to race hopefully and right now trying to take it one day at a time. my season is not over yet, i have a couple more races and i still have a summer in between.

>> winter olympics not even a year away and you've already been to sochi . what were your impression there is?

>> it's a different world. russia is really a unique place, i'd say. 'not like any place in europe and obviously not like the u.s. it was really cool to go there and go about the scene, see what the trails are like, the venues, the hotels, everything, it was a good experience.

>> a lot of people are already comparing you to, they're saying that you may be the missy franklin of these olympic, the winter olympic games . she won five golds and a bronze. does that put pressure on you gearing up for it?

>> it's not pressure. it's an honor to be compared to her. she's see inspiring, and she tweeted me a month ago maybe and i'm like oh my god, missy franklin just tweeted me. it's just, it's really cool to be compared to that, and not as much trying to live up to it, just carry on the torch.

>> first time in new york so we're going to let you enjoy. have a great time while you're here, mikaela shiffrin we'll hear your name a lot.

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